12 Factors to Consider When Buying Shot Blasting Machine From Mesblate

Thinking about buying a shot blasting machine? This can be a great guide article for 12 essential factors from mesblate, over 20 years professional shot blasting equipment manufacturer. It will save your time before you drive into hours of researching surface finish levels, comparing various blasting solutions and wondering if site facilities can match or not.So, what do you need to consider? We’ll help you get started.

shot blasting machine buying guide Mesblate
  • Work pieces Material and surface finish requirement

    Normally shot blasting machine is used to clean metal surface. Non-metallic products like plastics, glass, wood and ceramic are not suitable for shot blast cleaning.
    Casting parts blasting and de-sanding need updated dust collection system to adapt heavy dusts during foundry sands removal.
    Aluminum parts blasting and roughening need explosion proof dust collection system. Antistatic dust filters and explosion proof extractor fans are used to prevent aluminum power to catch fire and get explosive.
    Stainless parts blasting and roughening need stainless steel shots. Carbon steel shots and glass beads can not be used shot blasting machines. Stainless parts polishing can not be performed by this blasting equipment.
    Marble stone slab blasting and roughening need dense roller conveyors and updated dust collection system to treat heavy dust during blasting.
    Concrete floor blasting needs specific floor shot blasting equipment. This compact blaster sucked bounced steel abrasives to reclaim.
    Shot peening is used to strengthen and relieve stress in components like steel automobile crankshafts, connecting rods, round springs, and leaf springs. Specific shot blast machines are applied to do shot peening. These machines have narrow blasting blades, customized tooling, and updated steel shots separation device.

  • Shapes of Work pieces to be blasted

    Shot blasting machines are normally used to clean regular shaped metal and steel work pieces. High speed steel abrasives flow impact on metal surface in straight line. Even Mesblate can deploy blast wheels with right position and angels according to specific work pieces and jobs, shot blasting is still not flexible than manual sand blasting. Regular shaped metal and steels include profiles like beams, angels, channels, pipes, plates and simply fabricated jobs.
    For complicate shaped workpieces, especially with complex inner cavities, sand blasting is more suitable. If choosing shot blasting to treat complicated jobs considering big volume and high efficiency, sand blasting is also used after shot blasting to clean blind spots.

  • Size and dimension of Work pieces

    Bigger sized work pieces will increase cost sharply. Buyer should make decision between machine cost and blasting efficiency. Sand blasting in open air or room is good option for super and giant work pieces.
    For smaller and tiny work pieces, tooling is used to gather them in one batch to promote blasting efficiency.

  • Shot Blasting Efficiency and Productivity

    Shot blasting machine efficiency is 5-10 times than manual sand blasting and sandblasting machine. If course, shot blasting equipment has higher pricing.
    Shot blasting machines are applied on mass industrial production with higher efficiency like steel work shops.
    For spinner hanger machines, tumble belt machines and barrel drum machine, 3-5 minutes per batch. For roller conveyor type blasting machines, 1-2m/min. For pipe blasting machine, >100m2/h.

  • Abrasives can be used in shot blasting equipment

    Only steel and metallic abrasives can be used in blasting machines. Steel and metallic abrasives include steel shots, steel grits, cut wire, stainless steel shots, aluminum shots, zinc shots. Non-metallic abrasives can be used in shotblasting system like silica sands, olive sands, garnet, glass beads, ceramic beads, mineral slag, and agricultural power. Non-metallic abrasives are light. Wheel blasting will crush them before reaching metal surface. Crushed abrasives with heavy dusts are hard to reclaim.

  • Following processes after shot blast cleaning

    Choose right type of shot blasting machine to adapt to following processing. Spinner hanger and overhead rail conveyor shot blasting machines need to adapt later coating processing. Steel shotblasting system need to adapt to next priming and drying process. Pipe blasting need to consider following 3PE coating.

  • Clear height of work shop

    Shotblasting machines need at least 5m clear height below cranes in workshop. For small shotblasting machines like pinner hanger machines, tumble belt machines and barrel drum machine, bucket elevator height is lower than 5m. For big shotblasting machines like roller type, H beam blaster, plate blast machine, elevator height is lower than 8 meters.

  • Pit building in work shop

    For bigger shot blast machine like roller type, H beam blaster, plate blast machines, pit and foundation building is necessary. Pit allow bottom parts equipped under floor. This is helpful to make machine stable, save work shop height and lower work pieces loading height. Some pits need water proof engineering. Pit building is normally on buyer based on drawing by mesblate.

  • Main power supply requirements in work shop

    Main power voltage and frequency must be provided for mesblate to quote at right rating. Shot blast unit is normally designed and quoted on 380V, 50HZ, 3PHZ. Different power supply like 460V, 220V, 60HZ need to equip suitable electric motors and components.

  • Compressed air supply requirements in work shop

    Shot-blasting machines just need small volume compressed air. Pneumatic control valve needs compressed air to adjust abrasive supply volume to shot blasting wheels. Pulse reverse device needs compressed air to blow off dusts stick on filters periodically. 0.4-0.6mpa and 1-4m3/h volume compressed air is enough.

  • Dusts emission requirements

    Consider environmental laws and requirements by local authorities. Normal dust collection system in shotblast equipment is designed to meet <50mg dust emission with 99.9% efficiency. At lower dust emission level, cost will increase sharply.

  • Noise level requirements

    Consider noise requirements by local authorities.
    Normal noise level of shot blast machine is lower than 95Db. If requesting lower noise level, noise proof devices need to be covered on motors, fans and reducers. Machine cost also go up sharply.

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