Steel tank internal chot blasting cleaning machine - 4 stations

For cleaning gas cyliner, Solar water heater inner tank,etc

The cylinder inner wall cleaning shot blasting machine uses compressed air as power to accelerate the steel shot, generate kinetic energy, and spray it on the inner wall of the cylinder, thereby achieving the effect of cleaning the inner wall of the cylinder.

inner side clean (2)_副本
inner side clean (1)_副本

Advantages of steel tank internal shot blasting machine

1. Clean the oxide scale in the inner cavity of the vial and the attachments generated during the stretching manufacturing process to obtain a clean metallic color. After treatment, the cleanliness of the inner surface of the cylinder can reach sa2.0-2.5 (GB8923-88)
2. Eliminate the residual compressive stress generated in the process of firing, stretching, and calendering of the steel cylinder, and improve the fatigue strength and stress resistance, corrosion and cracking performance, etc.
3. Improving the quality of the inner cavity of the steel cylinder is conducive to improving the anti-corrosion effect, wear resistance and impact resistance of the steel cylinder.
4. With automatic bottle loading, conveying arrangement, compression positioning, turning 90°, spray gun extending into the bottle, cylinder automatic rotation, spray gun moving up and down to clean up and other automation modes; with a complete pill recycling system and advanced dust removal system, it is Ideal equipment for cleaning the inner wall of steel cylinders

Mesblate Solutions And Services

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