Automatic Shot Blasting Machine For H Beam And Steel Plate Q6930 Shipping Out – Mesblate

Mesblate is loading container for Q6930 Roller conveyor shot blasting machine.

Chamber inlet is 3200mm width, lower height 600mm and higher point 1050mm. And 8x11kw blasting turbines or wheels will clean metals in all sides one time through fast and clean.

凸 shaped chamber inlet can clean steel plate(<3m width and 12m length) and H beam(<600mm width and 800mm height). 凸shaped inlet make chamber sealing and blasting performance better than standard plate shot blasting machine or beam shot blasting machine. When cleaning steel plate, steel shots cleaning device will lower down to move shots on the plate surface.

This plate and beam shot blasting machine is shipped in Open Top Container for blasting chambers easy loading.

For more info, please email us.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine - Mesblate
Roller type shot blasting machine - Mesblate
Automatic shot blasting machine - Mesblate
Steel shot blasting machine - Mesblate
Roller conveyor shotblasting machine - Mesblate
Roller conveyor wheel blasting machine - Mesblate
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