12 Factors to Consider When Buying Shot Blasting Machine From Mesblate

Hanger type shot blasting machine is seen as the most flexible type of the shot blasting machinery and equipment. Hanger type shot blasting machine is versatile. They are not only used to clean away rust, scale, sand and burrs from various kinds of work pieces, but also used to polish those sensitive work pieces or to turn work pieces into roughness for subsequent coating.

The major benefit of Hanger type machine is that components do not rub each other while blasting leaving no scratches on the components.

In general, hanger-type shot blasting machines are used for batch or continuous processing. But there are lots of intermediate designs that are geared towards different types of overhead conveyor systems. In many instances, overhead conveyor systems could link different process, such as blasting, painting and subsequent drying together. It is conducive to simplify the process flow to a great extent.

Hanger type shot blasting machine consists of overhead conveyor shot blasting machine, hoist hanger system and shot blasting system.

The overhead rail conveyor system can be divided into three types: type I, type Y and type O.
The main difference of different types is that the shot blasting efficiency of same shot blasting system is quite different. Type I refers to that the whole machinery has only one hoist hanger system. Type Y refers to that the whole machinery is composed of two unit hoist hanger systems, while an object in one hanger system can be mounted on another hanger system during the blasting process. This greatly saves the loading wait time for the shot blasting system. Type O refers to that the whole shot blasting device includes three or more hoist hanger systems, which will save a lot of loading wait time for shot blasting system, particularly for those small types of workpieces which are not easy to be mounted on the hoist hanger system.

According to the bearing capacity of the hanger, the hoist hanger system can be divided into various types, and the most common types are 600KG, 1,000KG and 2,000KG. Mesblate can develop tailor-made hoist hanger type shot blasting machines as requested with a bearing capacity up to 30 tons.

The whole shot blasting system include sandblasting chamber, sandblasting liner, shot blast turbines, abrasive cleaner, recycle system, dust collector and connection ducts, that is to say, in addition to power supply and site, you don’t need to install and use any additional things.

The intelligent hanger type shot machine is very convenient to move from one place to another. Besides, it is so multi-functional that it can blast clean a variety of workpieces that can be mounted on the hanger system and go into the shot blast chamber, whether it’s structural steel, steel cylinders, castings, forgings, scrap parts with old paint. Spinner hanger hook shot blasting machine is blast cleaning equipment for casting parts, forging parts and small fabricated metal work pieces. Bigger work pieces can be put on hanger hook uniquely. Smaller work pieces will be put on special tooling and then put on hanger hooks. After loading work pieces, hanger hooks will be driven into blasting chamber along T or Y overhead rails. Work pieces are rotating in blasting chamber to get steel shot impact from blasting wheels mounted on one side chamber wall. The other side of chamber wall is called hot area because it get strong abrasive flow. Hot area is protected by Mn alloy liners. After 3-5 min blast cleaning, work pieces will go out along T or Y overhead rails.

Spinner hanger hook shot blast machine is suitable for thin-wall or fragile metal work pieces.
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