Classification and types of shot blasting machines

There are various types of shot blasting machines and shot blasting equipment in metal surface finishing industry. Basically there are two ways to define a shot blast machine by Meblate.

First one is the way of work pieces going into blasting chamber. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine deliver metal pieces via roller conveyors. Roller conveyors are driven by motors. Moving roller bring work pieces into blasting to receive shot blasting. In blast chamber, 2 or 3 liner protected rollers still support jobs. After blasting finished, outlet rollers bring work pieces out. Spinner hanger shot blasting machines feed work pieces into blast cabinet by spinner hangers. Normally 2 spinner hangers are equipped on Y shaped overhead conveyors. Hanger hooks can lift and lower for loading and un-loading metal jobs. When work pieces reach top, hangers travel along conveyor tracks, door will open and jobs will move into blasting chamber. When blasting processed finished, spinner hanger take work pieces out. Tumble bels shot blasting machine move work pieces tumbling on rubber or steel conveyors during blasting going. Rotary drum shot blasting machine has a casted drum shaped blasting enclosure. This drum will rotate driven by motors at bottom. Thus jobs will rotate in drum during blasting and cleaning.

Second way to define types and Classification of Shot Blasting Machine is via metal steel work pieces by mesblate expierences. H Beam shot blasting machine is to clean H beams, I beams and other profiles. Steel plate shot blasting machine is to clean steel plate, stripes and other sheet metals. Pipe shot blasting machine is to clean steel pipes, tubes. Stone shot blasting machine is to roughen marble and slab surface. Gas cylinder shot blaster machine is to clean surface of LPG, LNG, CNG cylinders. After blasting, coating is applied on these cylinders. Also some old or used gas cylinders is blasted for re-conditioning. Floor shot blaster is popular blaster to clean concrete floor. It has compact structure and can move on wheels.

In terms of the working system, shot blasting machine can be divided into the intermittent shot blasting machine and continuous shot blasting machine.

  1. Shot blasting wheels define core function of shot blasting machine. Shot blasting equipment generally takes the advantage of impeller with high-speed rotation ejecting the shot toward a certain direction in high centrifugal force. In the work process, some shot blasting apparatus are able to swing or move up and down on a certain angle. This is why we can call them shot blasting machine but not sand blasting machines.
  2. Steel shots are recycled in all types of shot blasting machine. Recycling and reclaiming systems is designed for the collection, separation and transportation of pellets. The principal goal of the separator is to clean is to clean the abrasive particles origination from the blast wheel. When abrasive metal particles enter the blast wheel, they must be rid of all contaminants as the cleaning makes the shot blasting machine work efficiently.We screen and airwash the shot multiple times to remove foreign objects and dust. We then run all of the shot through a Midwestern screener, to screen it by size ranges. What we end up with is a very clean and usable steel shot, at a much lower price than new steel shot. We have size ranges of S-170 to S-110, S-110 to S-70, and S-70 to the smallest usable shot.
  3. System for dust removal is also necessary for all types of shot blasting machine.Sandblasting room: there is no need of deep pit (or pit), low construction cost and short construction period. As the name implies, the work of this component is to collect dust during the blasting process. The dust originates from the cabinet ventilation and separator. It usually creates laden air creating an avenue for environmental pollution and the potential health risk to the workers in working in the industry. To curb the problems, the user of the shot blasting machine should assure proper work to the dust controller.

In conclusion, Tumble and chain-plate shot blasting machines are used to clean collision-resistant castings of medium and small size. The tumble shot blast machine is able to flip over the castings and move on with the aid of the helical guide ribs of the tumble body. Chain-plate shot blasting machine can flip castings over to move through the chains smoothly. Turntable, trolley and hanging shot blasting machines are suitable for cleaning large and medium sized castings, these three types of shot blasting machines usually have a fixed shot blasting room where the cleaned castings rotate or move. Normally, several shot blasters are installed in different positions of the shot blasting room for the purpose of ejecting projectiles from different directions, which makes the cleaning efficient and the quality of shot blasting machine optimized. For hanger shot blasting machine, a multiple of hooks are needed to be installed on the catenary for the sake of casting cleaning. Castings are loaded and unloaded outdoors and cleaned indoors, when cleaning, the castings hang on the hooks and can turn on its own while running forward. By this article you will find a clear way to tell Classification And Types Of Shot Blasting Machines.

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