Daily maintenance of through type shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is the most commonly used surface cleaning equipment in the foundry industry.
During daily use, regular maintenance is very important. Regular daily maintenance work in place can extend the using life, also can improve the castings production efficiency and the ideal cleaning effect.

shot blaster

1. Whether the fixing bolts on all the heads and head motors are loose, tighten them immediately if they are loose.

2. Wear conditions of the wear parts in the shot blasting machine and the guard plate in the shot blasting chamber, and replace the worn parts in time.

3. Check the blades and replace them when they are half worn.

4. Check whether the pointer position of the directional sleeve is correct.

5. Whether the physical inspection door of the main room of the shot blasting machine is tightly closed.

6. Whether there is air leakage in the dust removal pipeline, and whether the filter bag in the dust collector is dusty or damaged.

7. Whether there are deposits and other debris on the spiral shell and filter screen of the separator, and remove them in time.

8. Check whether the flow curtain of the separator is uniform and full curtain.

9. Whether the electronically controlled feeding gate valve is closed.

10. Check whether the status of each limit switch and proximity switch is normal.

11. Check whether the working status of each signal indicator on the console is normal.

12. Check whether the current of the shot blasting motor is within the rated range.

13. Clean the dust on the electrical control box.

14. Check the wear of the guide pill tube gasket, the rubber guard plate of the working door and the top seal to avoid the loss of abrasives.

15. Remove the fragments on the bottom grid to ensure the recovery of projectiles.

16. Check whether the total amount of shot material in the abrasive silo is sufficient, and if it


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