Daily Maintenance of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine, cleaning process by the electrical control of adjustable speed conveyor rollers will steel structure or steel sent into the clean-up machine chamber blast area, the various sides of its body from different coordinates of the powerful intensive shot from the blow and friction, so that the oxide skin, rust and its dirt quickly fall off the surface of the steel surface to obtain a certain roughness of the smooth surface, outside the clean-up room on both sides of the import and export roller loading and unloading workpieces. The pellets and rusty dust fall into the steel above the blowing device blowing, scattered pellets and dust mixture from the recovery screw to the chamber funnel, longitudinal and transverse screw conveyor collected in the lower part of the elevator, and then elevated to the upper part of the machine separator, after separation of the pure pellets fall into the separator hopper, for blasting recycling. The dust produced in the cleaning of shot blasting is sent to the dust extraction system by the ventilation pipe, and the clean air after purification treatment is discharged into the atmosphere, and the granular dust is captured and collected.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

6.1 Ten Days Repair and Maintenance Shot blasting and conveying system Check and adjust the fan valve, Fan valve opening in place, Detection limit switch. Adjust the tightness of the drive chain, And provide lubrication. Check the integrity of the shot blasting motor. Check the bucket belt of the bucket elevator, And give adjustments. Check the bucket bolts on the bucket elevator. Check the filter cartridge, If the filter cartridge is damaged, replace it immediately. Check the lubricating oil of reducer, If below the specified oil level, To be filled with the appropriate specifications of the grease. Electrical control section Check the Contact state of AC contactor and knife switch. Check the status of power lines and control lines, Whether damaged. Each motor is opened separately, Check the sound and no-load current, Each motor for not less than 5 minutes. Check whether there is any burning at the line, And tighten the Wiring bolts again.
6.2 Month repair and Maintenance Check that all drive parts are operating properly, And lubricate the chain. Adjust the entire roller conveyor system chain, Keep it in sync. Check the wear and Fixed situation of fan and air hose.

6.3 Quarter repair and Maintenance Check the intact situation of all bearings and Gas control box. Check the fixing bolts of all motor, chain wheel, screw conveyors and the tightness of Flange connection. Replace the new grease with the blasting wheel motor (Lubricated by motor lubrication requirements).
6.4 Year repair and Maintenance For all bearings to add lubricants. Overhaul all motor bearings. Replacement or welding of the main projectile area liner.

Normal Work and Maintenance Precautions

In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of the operator, The following items must be observed when the equipment working: It is not allowed to open the blasting room maintenance door while the equipment is running. At work, the operator should be away from the blasting wheel. Before repairing field equipment and electrical components, Should turn off the corresponding power switch(Knife switch and Automatic air switch) and And inform the master console operator. In the front of low-voltage distribution screen place "is overhaul, Is overhaul, prohibited power" signs. All protection devices of Chain etc, Only when the maintenance can be removed, After finished the maintenance work should be re-installed. The floor must be cleaned, There should be no pellets present in order to avoid slipping In the shot blasting area, The floor must be cleaned, There should be no pellets in order to avoid slipping.

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