Description of H Beam Roller Shot Blasting Machine

What’s the H Beam Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The H Beam Roller Shot Blasting Machine is used for stress relief and surface rust removal and cleaning of large steel I-beam and H-beam steel structures with higher dimensions. H Type steel roller table through-type shot blasting machine, when the steel parts are processed, the roller table transports the workpiece into the cleaning room. During the cleaning process, the electrically controlled adjustable speed conveying roller table sends the steel structure or steel to the cleaning machine In the projectile zone inside the chamber, all sides of the body are hit and rubbed by powerful and dense projectiles from different coordinate directions, causing the oxide scale, rust layer and dirt on it to quickly fall off, and the steel surface will obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness. Loading and unloading workpieces on both sides of the cleaning room entrance and exit roller table. The projectiles and rust dust falling on the steel are blown by the purge device, and the scattered pellet dust mixture is conveyed by the recovery screw to the chamber funnel, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyor is collected in the lower part of the hoist, and then lifted to the upper part of the machine. In the separator, the separated pure projectiles fall into the separator hopper for recycling use. Dust generated in shot blasting is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected. After the completion of the cleaning room, the workpiece is transported out of the shot blasting machine by a roller, and the unloading action is completed.

After Finished Shot Blasting

After the H-beam shot blasting machine has finished cleaning the steel, its internal dust removal system starts to work. The treated workpiece has a smooth surface, and the enhanced surface strength greatly extends the life of the workpiece, and at the same time enhances the adhesion to the paint. The residual pellets or dust left by the previously processed steel will be conveyed back to the funnel room by the purge device by the screw, and the residual pellets will be reprocessed. After cleaning, the clean projectiles will be transported back to the shot blasting room again for recycling. The cleaned dust will be recycled together with the stains cleaned by the previous oxide layer for processing, and then the clean air will be discharged from the exhaust cylinder In the air.

Transport of the H Beam Roller Shot Blasting Machine

After we complete the customized machine, we will first test the machine to ensure that there is no problem with the machine, and then we will assist the customer to ship it. In order to avoid collision problems during sea transportation, we will disassemble the whole machine, and then wrap each part with plastic film. At the same time, we will arrange assembly to our factory for decoration and reinforcement. After the equipment is shipped to the customer site, our company's technicians will guide the installation. In the later stage, if there is any problem with the machine or some machine accessories are needed, Mesblate will also provide suitable accessories according to the machine model we provide to the customer. We have always been customer-centric, starting from the interests of customers, is the policy that Mesblaste adheres to, fully consider the customer's on-site installation situation, and make the equipment more convenient for customers to use after installation.

Mesblate Solutions And Services

Our engineers in mesblate are able to work independently depending on to the requirements of design for clients of shot blasting machine, and send a customer confirmation to help customers to save costs.
During the production of the equipment, we photograph the production progress, and keep customers updated of the progress every step of the way.
The goods are shipped, we will send the original documents to the customer (such as packing list, bill, CO, Form E, Form A, Form F, Form M, B/L etc.).
We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
Our engineers can help you with the installation and debugging overseas if necessary, and offer free training to operators and maintenance workers for our clients.
Mesblat team have fully mature after-sales service system, our professional technician and CS team will help you address any issues about the product you may encounter. We provide 24-hour online consultation.
The technical parameters can be customized and designed according to clients' requirements, Mesblate could definitely develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you. For any further information, please feel free to contact us. Please rest assured that our skilled engineer team will offer you the most professional and cost-effective solutions and services.

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