External pipe shot blasting machine for OD 48”(1200mm) finished by Mesblate

External pipe shot blasting machine is special pipe blast cleaning machine for external surface of seamless, spiral, longitudinal welded steel pipes widely used for water, oil and gas transportation. Efficiency is more than 500 m2/h. Surface can be SA2.5 to SA3.0 .

Pipe outer diameter can me 6-48” (150-1200mm) and length 6-12m. Chamber seal flanges will be changed to match different size pipes.

Steel pipes are feeded into blasting chamber by pipe roller conveyors driven by motors. Angels and speed can be adjusted according to pipe diameter and surface condition.

2 bottom blasting turbines impact high speed steel shots t to clean mills and rust off the pipes. Turbine motors are independent to avoid spiral line one surface.

External pipe shot blasting machine

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