Features and Capabilities of H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

Description of H beam shot blasting machine

H beam shot blasting machine is probably the most efficient and the highly reliable process to get rid of all types of rust and wear materials out of H beams preceding painting or coating. H-beam shot blasting equipment can possibly be used for surface cleaning and reinforcement of H-beam, steel plate and structural element. The steel materials can reach smooth surface area of certain roughness, boost painting adhesive force as well as can enhance surface quality and anti-corruption result.

It is far more competent than steel beam shot blasting machine, steel bar shot blasting machine and scaffolding shot blasting machine. During the blasting process, employing the roller conveyor system that is manipulated by frequency converter to transport H beams into the blast chamber, blast wheels pitch steel shot and strike the surface of h beams, make oxide layer and dirt rust removed swiftly, shortly after the H beam blasting, delivered from the other side.

H-beam shot blasting machine is especially suitable for batch production. It is composed of shot blasting cleaning chamber, work-piece transportation system, material circulation purification system, dust collecting system and electrical control system. Utilizing multiple sophisticated technologies, H beam shot blast cleaning machine has improved the technical content on the basis of assuring reliability.

Entrance Dimension 800x1600mm 1000x1800mm 1200x2000mm
Turbines 8 sets 8 sets 8 sets
Turbine Power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw
Conveying Speed 0.5~4m/min 0.5~4m/min 0.5~4m/min
Blasting Speed 0.5~1.5m/min 0.5~1.5m/min 0.5~1.5m/min
Surface Cleaning Grade SA 2.5 SA 2.5 SA 2.5
Conveyor Loading Capacity 1500kg 2000kg 2000kg
Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Cartridge Filter Cartridge

Special Features of H beam blaster machine

1.H-beam shot blasting machine makes use of roller pass-through approach, which exhibits higher efficiency compared to trolley type.
2.H-beam shot blast cleaning machine adopts MITSUBISHI PLC to realize centralized control. The electrical control can possibly be changed from manual mode to automatic mode.
3. Mesblate H-beam shot blasting machine is well equipped with OMRON photoelectric detector, and that can guarantee no shot blasting when there is no work-piece, minimize the responsive electricity loss and material consumption and further lower the manufacturing cost.
4. The layout of shot-blasting chamber and impeller head is verified by means of 3D dynamic computer simulation, functioning as a complete and efficient dust-collecting system.
5.H-beam shot blasting machine employs centrifugal blaster (YP350) of large blasting volume and high blasting speed. That it is able to dramatically maximize the cleaning efficiency and secure sufficient cleaning quality.
6.H-beam shot blast cleaning machine introduces international cutting-edge cartridge filter, featuring in high dust-collecting capability, reasonable working resistance, compact volume, light weight and uncomplicated routine maintenance.
7. Our H-beam shot blasting machines are equipped with state-of-the-art SH-model full-curtain type separator, which is the new product developed successfully by our team on the basis of introducing advanced international technique. The separator takes advantages of the winnow concept to separate dust, fragment of oxide-layer, damaged shots and foreign particles from valuable shots.

H beam shot blasting machine - Mesblate

Advantages of H beam blast machine

1. Extensive application, simple to use and install.
2. Tailor-made, suit your necessities.
3. Desirable stability, reduced failure rate (technical maturity, technical precipitation, experienced personnels).
4. Elegant visual aspect (perfected craft).
5. Huge manufacturing facilities, prompt delivery.
6. Rigorous quality inspection department.
7. Factory direct sales with reasonable price.
8. More than 15 years' manufacturing expertise.
9. Qualified design team to provide services to our clients.
10. Specifically electrical control system uses international brand.
11. ISO certification guarantee you our superior quality.

Our Solutions and Services:
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Customized design for all types of shot blasting machine is that are available.
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The technical parameters can be customized according to clients' requirements. For any further information, please welcome to contact us. Please rest assured that our skilled engineer team will offer you the most professional and cost-effective solutions and services.

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