Features and Capabilities of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Description of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Pipe shot blasting machine or steel pipe shot blasting machine is well-suited for any type of dimension and length of steel pipe cleaning, that it is able to wipe out the oxide, rust, and scale out of welded steel pipe, to make sure that the pipe surface presents metallic colors. On top of that, pipe shot blasting machine are particularly developed as continuous machine to shot blast pipes. It can easily get rid of the welding spatters and oxide layers against the surface eventually secure a metallic polish with a fine and uniform coating.

Working Principle of Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Pipe Shot Blasting Machine is applied to clear outer surface of steel pipe, round bar, drilling rod etc. When steel pipe goes through the blasting area, the steel shots will strike the surface of steel tube at a high speed and carry out blasting.
The material that will be blasted is placed on the conveyor securely and safely. The material at the entrance and exit of machine can possibly be adjusted (regulated) with speed control system. Speed adjustment is completed with speed control system. Utilizing turbines that placed at the top and under of the main body, the material can probably be blasted without needing to turn it with one shot by barrage. Elevator carries the steel balls which are poured in the machine to the separator by elevator. Poured steel balls cleared away from dust with the help of filter. In this manner, dustless steel balls are transmitted to the turbines. In the system filter bags are employed. These fabric bags have high dust catch capability. After barrage, sandblasted and well-maintained workpiece is taken from on conveyor safely. Eventually, the workpiece is prepared for other processes.

Composition of Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

The machinery is primarily comprised of wheel roller conveyor system, blasting chambers, abrasive recycling system, dust collection system and electric control system. The following parts are integral with regard to the pipe shot blasting machine.
1. main blast cabinet with inspection door
2. blast wheel units with drive mechanism
3. abrasive circulation unit
4. bucket elevator unit
5. abrasive separation/cleaning system with storage hopper
6. dust collector with cleaning mechanism
7. roller conveyor system at inlet & outlet side
8. control panel with plc control system

steel pipe shot blasting machine
Model QGW800 QGW1200 QGW1500 QGW2000 QGW3000
Inlet Height QGW800 QGW1200 QGW1500 QGW2000 QGW3000
Inlet Width 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm 800 mm 1000 mm
Blasting Wheels 4 x 7.5 kw 6 x 7.5 kw 6 x 11 kw 8 x 7.5 kw 8 x 11 kw
Shot Blasting 4 x 125 kg 6 x 125 kg 6 x 180 kg 8 x 125 kg 8 x 180 kg

Advantages and Capabilities of Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

The equipment is extensively drawn on in a variety of industries, such as gasoline oil & gas, steel, district heating, drain, chemical, grid engineering and boiler etc. Steel pipe shot blasting machine is applicable to various sizes of the steel pipe surface cleaning.
External Steel pipe shot blasting machine is unique shot blaster cleaning equipment for steel pipes, steel tubes and round bars. φ30-φ1400 mm for external shot blast machine and φ50-- φ360 for internal shot blast machine. φ16-φ50 mm pipes are appropriate for special V roller pipe shot blasting machine.

1. Remove the scales and weld dregs.
2. Make it show metal color.
3. Increase its ratio surface and weld dregs.
4. Increase its ratio surface area.
5. Contribute to painting and coating.
6. Enhance the corrosion resistance of the machine and metal section.
7. Enhance the fatigue resistance of steel, extend the service life.
8. Optimize the technology of the steel surface.
9. Achieve the complete clean-up purpose.

Mesblate Solutions and Services:

1. Our engineers are able to work independently depending on to the requirements of design for clients of the shot blasting machine and send a customer confirmation to help customers to save costs.
2. During the production of the equipment, we photograph the production progress, and keep customers updated of the progress every step of the way.
3. The goods are shipped, we will send the original documents to the customer (such as packing list, bill, CO, Form E, Form A, Form F, Form M, B/L etc.).
4. We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
5. Our engineers can help you with the installation and debugging overseas if necessary, and offer free training to operators and maintenance workers for our clients.
6. We have fully mature after-sales service system, our professional technician and CS team will help you address any issues about the product you may encounter. We provide 24-hour online consultation.
The technical parameters can be customized and designed according to clients' requirements. For any further information, please welcome to contact us. Please rest assured that our skilled engineer team will offer you the most professional and cost-effective solutions and services.

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