Features and Capabilities of Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Machinery Feature

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine or roller conveyor type shot blasting machine is deemed as the most environment-friendly and the most effective process to remove all sorts of rust and corrosion materials from steel plate, pipes, steel structure, H beams, steel tube, profiles, steel angles and channels, etc. It is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and many others.


Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a kind of multi-functional shot blasting machine. Roller conveyor blast machines are predominantly used to remove scale and rust from metal profiles and sheet metal components. It can not only shot blast clean a variety of items that can be placed on the roller conveyor system, such as steel plates, beams, steel structure, large steel structure, tankers, semi-trailers, truck chassis and slab stone, but also shot blast clean those parts cannot be placed on the roller conveyor system on the roller conveyor shot blasting machine by means of a specially designed slave frame. This ensures a flexible manufacturing process and high material output.


Machinery Description

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine mainly consists of roller conveyor system, blasting cabinet, sealing chamber, dust collector system, maintenance platform, abrasive recycle system and blast turbines.

Roller Conveyor System

The standard roll pitch of the roller conveyor system is designed to be 800mm, but it can be altered based on the of the item. The loading capacity is designed to be 1t/m, and the diameter of the roller and the thickness of the roller cover can be tailor-made according to requirements of end users. In the event that a standard model does not meet your surface preparation needs, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine concept for you.

Blasting Cabinet

The size and length of the blasting cabinet and sealing room are also designed according to the workpiece sizes of the customers, and some limits at place of installation should be considered as well during the design process of the whole shot blasting machinery.

Abrasive Recovery System

The abrasive recovery system is aim to collect the good shots for recycle using, all by transmission parts. Auger and elevator are used to transport the shots from the bottom to top, separator is key factor to influence the blasting efficiency and working environment, if design is not good, the machine will be at low working efficiency and poor working environment. It should consist of fault alarm system between components to make sure the entire recovery system is not damaged in case of malfunction of any component.

Dust Collector System

The dust collector adopts the pulse jet cartridge cleaning system, the most popular, stable, effective cleaning system in the world, to ensure that no dust can be overflowed out from the dust collector and shot blasting system without ceasing the whole dust collecting system when all cartridges clean themselves.

Shot Blasting Turbines

Mesblate’s patented shot blasting turbines are suitable for different types of shot blasting machines and for workpieces in different shapes. KT3.6/3.8 series are mainly used to shot clean the steel plate on roller conveyor shot blasting machine, hanger type shot blasting machine, rotary table shot blasting machine and tumble belt shot blasting machine. HADES series are designed to shot blast clean parts of type H steel and steel structure on roller conveyor shot blasting machine and overhead conveyor shot blasting machine.

Custom Design

The choice of the appropriate machine concept depends on your work pieces, the required level of performance and ­last but not least ­on your specific needs regarding an optimized production process. Our team of expert engineers will offer the most professional and cost-efficient solutions as per customers’ special requests.


Should you have any further questions about the roller conveyor shot blasting machine, please feel free to let us know. Our team of experts welcomes your detailed questions and looks forward to helping you!

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