Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine for Egypt Customer

Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

Our customers are mainly leading custom manufacturers who produce LPG cans. They are mainly used to treat the surface of LPG cans, so that the paint can better adhere to the surface of LPG cans when repainting later.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Mesblate Shot Blasting Machine Configuration

The production of this Mesblate Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine was completed on September 23. The external Blasting Room size is length 2200*width 2200*height 3500mm, and the internal size is length 2000*width 2000*height 2500mm. The Heat Shield material is 12mm thick rolled manganese 13, The Non-hot Zone material is 10mm thick 65 manganese. The number of shot blasting wheel is 5 units, and the shot blasting Capacity is 55T/h, and the power of the shot blasting wheel is 11Kw. The Dust collection system type of this hook shot blasting machine is Bag dust collector with pulse blowback. The Power is 15Kw.
In addition, This Machine has 2 units Hooks, One Hook Loading Capacity is 5T.
And This machine can be transported into a 40-foot Container.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Mesblate Solutions And Services

Our engineers in mesblate are able to work independently depending on to the requirements of design for clients of shot blasting machine, and send a customer confirmation to help customers to save costs.
During the production of the equipment, we photograph the production progress, and keep customers updated of the progress every step of the way.
The goods are shipped, we will send the original documents to the customer (such as packing list, bill, CO, Form E, Form A, Form F, Form M, B/L etc.).
We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
Our engineers can help you with the installation and debugging overseas if necessary, and offer free training to operators and maintenance workers for our clients.
Mesblat team have fully mature after-sales service system, our professional technician and CS team will help you address any issues about the product you may encounter. We provide 24-hour online consultation.
The technical parameters can be customized and designed according to clients' requirements, Mesblate could definitely develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you. For any further information, please feel free to contact us. Please rest assured that our skilled engineer team will offer you the most professional and cost-effective solutions and services.

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