How to choose the Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The Background of The Roller Shot Blasting Machine

Now the global industrial development is becoming more and more rapid. Many companies pay more and more attention to product quality and technology. After the surface of mechanical workpieces are cleaned by shot blasting machines, the surface quality can be quickly improved, and the surface will be clean and beautiful after painting. The market for shot blasting machines is getting more and more luminous, and it also drives the cast steel shot and steel grit.
The Through-type Roller Shot Blasting Machine is mainly a multi-functional shot blasting equipment for cleaning structural parts, H-shaped steel, steel plate and other types of steel. There are two types of flat roller table and V-shaped roller table. He can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the steel in its original state to remove its rust spots, welding slag and oxide layer. Make it obtain a certain smooth and uniform metallic luster surface, in order to remove stress, improve the quality of steel structure and steel surface coating and corrosion resistance. This machine is suitable for steel plate, section steel, steel pipe, metal structure welding parts, steel products, railway vehicles, construction machinery, bridge manufacturing, etc. to remove stress and surface rust. It is the most widely used shot blasting machine.

The Advantage of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

1. Sustainability and continuity.
Compared with other types of shot blasting machines and metal cleaning methods, the advantage of the through type shot blasting machine is that it can process steel materials uninterruptedly and continuously. The efficient function has become one of the advantages of the shot blasting machine. Protection and maintenance are also much better. The through-type shot blasting function is strong, and it has a consistent processing method for the derusting steel plate products. The short-time processing can save a lot of time in the factory.

2. Convenient operation.
The operation of the pass-through shot blasting machine is very convenient and simple. After pressing the button, the pass-through shot blasting machine can work. As long as the steel materials that need to be cleaned are installed on the machine, the system will automatically complete in a very short time. After handling and removing the steel, the dust, pellets or stains remaining on the steel are removed.

3. Fast production capacity.
In fact, if you want to improve the through-type shot blasting machine, as long as it is equipped with a special shot at a specific position, it can increase the production capacity, convenient and convenient, and can also improve the life and durability of the through-type shot blasting machine.
The advantage of the pass-through shot blasting machine lies in the continuous cleaning and high-efficiency performance. There are no complicated operation steps in the operation of the pass-through shot blasting machine. The work can be completed only by installing and pressing the button. When the production capacity of the type shot blasting machine, it can also increase its wear resistance and life.

How to choose a suitable and efficient pipe shot blasting machine

However, how customers choose the shot blasting machine equipment suitable for their own products and the steel shot and steel grit suitable for their own products will directly affect the effect, efficiency and cost of the product after shot blasting.
1. Good equipment starts up with a light sound and low noise.
2. The appearance is exquisite, and the paint spraying quality is satisfactory. The equipment made by large manufacturers usually has a very exquisite appearance.
3. Whether the wearing parts of the equipment meet the standard and whether it is easy to replace

Mesblate Solutions And Services

Our engineers in mesblate are able to work independently depending on to the requirements of design for clients of shot blasting machine, and send a customer confirmation to help customers to save costs.
During the production of the equipment, we photograph the production progress, and keep customers updated of the progress every step of the way.
The goods are shipped, we will send the original documents to the customer (such as packing list, bill, CO, Form E, Form A, Form F, Form M, B/L etc.).
We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
Our engineers can help you with the installation and debugging overseas if necessary, and offer free training to operators and maintenance workers for our clients.
Mesblat team have fully mature after-sales service system, our professional technician and CS team will help you address any issues about the product you may encounter. We provide 24-hour online consultation.
The technical parameters can be customized and designed according to clients' requirements, Mesblate could definitely develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you. For any further information, please feel free to contact us. Please rest assured that our skilled engineer team will offer you the most professional and cost-effective solutions and services.

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