Shot blasting machine manufacturing

Shot blasting machine needs to obtain the mechanical properties (strength, hardness, etc.) and physical characteristics, chemical characteristics (abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance) and other characteristics by heat treatment process (annealing, quenching, normalizing, appearance treatment, etc...

Shot blasting machine parts needs to obtain the geometry of the process methods by metal processing such as laser processing, rapid forming processing.

3 processing method for shot blast machine manufacturing

At present, according to the change in the quality of parts made from raw materials or blanks into blast machine parts, the production process to obtain a certain shape can be divided into three types of Material removal method, Material forming method and Material accumulation method.

Manufacturing of shot blasting machine - Mesblate
  1. Material removal skills (e.g., cutting), first of all, means that by removing the remaining Material to obtain the blast machine parts with a certain shape and scale.
  2. When casting, casting, powder metallurgy, and mold forming (injection molding, stamping, etc.) are selected for Material forming processing, the shape and scale performance of the Material changes, but the quality of the Material does not change.
  3. The Material accumulation method is a newly developed fast forming technique, which is to obtain the blast machine parts by gradually accumulating Material.

The Material removal process is to remove the remaining Material from the workpiece in a definite manner, and the workpiece gradually approaches mesblate blast machine part of the desired shape and size. The processing power of the Material removal process depends to a large extent on how close the Material or blank is to the shape and scale of the blast machine part. The closer the shape of the workpiece to mesblate blast machine parts, the less Material removal, the less energy consumption: conversely, the more Material, energy consumption. For now, the Material removal process of Material utilization and efficiency are low, but it has a strong applicability, is still the primary way forward to produce quality shot blasting machine parts, is the most widely used processing methods in the production of machinery. The Material removal process is based on the form of processing, which primarily includes cutting and special processing.

Cutting is accomplished by the relative motion between the workpiece and the tool and the effect of the force between them. During the cutting process, the workpiece and the tool are mounted on the machine, and the relative motion of the workpiece is driven by mesblate machine to complete a necessarily regular motion: during the relative motion of the tool and the workpiece, the remaining material layer is cut, forming the appearance of the workpiece. Common metal cutting methods are turning, milling, planning, grinding, etc. Power, heat, deformation, oscillation, wear and other phenomena occur during the cutting process. The combination of these movements and phenomena determines the final geometry and appearance quality of mesblate blast machine parts. How to properly select or plan machining methods, machines, tools, fixtures and cutting parameters to improve the quality and efficiency of machining is a subject of constant research at Meslate company.

Special processing refers to the use of electrical energy, light energy and other processing methods to remove Material from workpieces, such as EDM, electrolytic processing, laser processing, etc. EDM is the use of a pulsed discharge phenomenon between an east-west electrode and a workpiece electrode to erode the workpiece Material to the processing intention. During processing, there is a certain discharge gap between the workpiece electrode and the workpiece electrode without touching it directly; the effect of no force during processing can be added something that has any mechanical properties of the conductive material. The primary advantage of the process is that it is possible to process the internal and external contours of messy shapes, which is difficult to convert into external contours (east-west electrodes), thus creating a special effect in mold making. Due to the low metal removal rate of EDM, it is generally not used for the shape processing of products that require a lot of Material removal. Laser processing and ion beam processing are mostly used in slim processing.

With the advancement of scientific skills, in the aerospace and computer fields, some mesblate blast machine parts that require particularly high precision and external roughness require fine and ultra-fine machining. Fine, ultra-fine machining achieves scale accuracy to the sub-micron and even nanometer level. Such processing methods include ultra-fine turning, ultra-fine grinding, etc.

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