Q6912 roller shot blasting machine manufacturing for Australia

Q6912 roller shot blasting machine chamber has been finished for Australia customer By Mesblate. Blast chamber opening is 1200 mm in width and 600mm in height. Max work pieces can be 1100 mm in width and 500 mm in height. It is multifunctional shot blasting machine for profiles, welded parts widely used in construction factory and engineering factory. Finished steel works can be prepared for following machining, priming and coating.

Q6912 roller shot blasting machine - Mesblate

This blaster uses 4 x 11kw sprocket blasting wheels, 2 on the top and 2 at bottom. Sprocket blasting wheel is also called direct driving blast wheel, patent by Mesblate. Motor shaft is connected to wheel disc to achieve more blasting efficiency and saving space. Metal works can ben blasted two sides with one time going through without blind points. Cleaning speed can reach 2m/min with finish level to SA2.5. Standard roughness can range from 20μm to 80μm.

Q6912 shot blasting machine - Mesblate
Direct driving blasting wheel - Mesblate

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