Roller Shot Blasting Machine for different Steel Plate

Steel Plate Rolle Shot Blasting Machine

It is one of roller conveyor shot blasting machine . This Machine can remove all rust, corrosion and mill scale from steel plate and the Finish level is Sa2.5 based on ISO8501-01. Make the rust layer, welding slag, oxide skin and dirt on each surface of steel plate are quickly shed to obtain a smooth surface with certain roughness. To Improve the adhesive force between paint film and steel surface. Now we are selling the Steel plate Shot Blasting Machine.

The Components of The Steel Plate Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The main functional parts of this machine are cleaning room, indoor conveying roller table and material conveying roller table, shot blasting device, Abrasive circulation system (including elevator, separator, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor, projectile recovery mechanism and projectile supply pipeline), purging mechanism, dust removal, electrical control and other components.

The Conveying system

Roller conveyor system for automatic loading and unloading.
1. The whole length of roller conveyor is manufacture according to the Customers Requirement. It is including loading, unloading and blasting rollers.
2. Rollers in the blasting cabinet are protected by special alloy jacket with lifetime over 4,000 hours.
3. Rollers are driven by motors with converters. Rollers can be controlled manually and automatically.
4. On roller’s one side we add a chain cover to protect worker and prevent chain from getting stuck.

The Blasting Chamber

In the blasting chamber, the blasting area wall is protected by Mn alloy liner. High tension nut bolts will fasten the modular plates. Replacement will be very easy. The floor of blasting chamber uses steel grates which will let abrasive medias fall through it freely and collected by screw conveyor. On top of steel grate, there are also high chrome alloy protective casting plates with holes to protect steel grates.

The Abrasive Circulation system

The system includes following parts: hopper, abrasive flow pipes, abrasive valves, screw conveyors, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive cleaning system and abrasive feeder. And each part has an interlock.
Screw conveyor consists of cycloid needle wheel decelerator, screw axis, conveyor shell, bearing, etc. It is a standard transverse conveying device, an important part of abrasive circulating system. The screwing blade is made of 16Mn.
Bucket elevator consists of cycloid needle wheel decelerator, upper and bottom barrel, belt, hopper and tensioning device, etc. The shell is folded and welded structure and its side face is checking door for maintenance and replacing hoppers.
This machine uses most advanced full screen curtain air selection separator which includes selecting area, rotary screen drum, conveying screw, overfall sensor, abrasive stock bin and abrasive controlling valve. The outer screw of the screening drum distributes the mixture along the separating are baffler of separator. Separating efficiency can reach 99.5%.

The Purging device

This type shot blasting machine use a high pressure fan, and the auxiliary chamber of the body is equipped with multiple sets of flexible blowers of different angles to purge and clean the remaining projectiles on the surface of the workpiece.

The Dust removal system

This system is composed of bag filter, fan and pipe. The dust removal efficiency can reach 99.5%, which meets the requirements of GB16297-1996 "comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants" and gbJ4-73 "three wastes" emission trial standard of industry.
The bag life is 1-2 years, which reduces the equipment use cost, reduces the maintenance amount and maintenance cost, and has a high dust removal effect, so that The air containing dust is discharged directly into the air after passing through the dust removal system, And No other purification equipment is required, Because the dust concentration discharged into the atmosphere is ≤100mg/m. The dust removal pipe is designed and manufactured according to the coordinates provided by the user.

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