Blasting chamber manufacturing

Blasting chamber is closed space where work pieces are blasted and cleaned.For spinner hanger shot blasting machine, tumble belt shot blasting machine, drum type shot blasting equipment, they just have one blasting chamber. For roller conveyor shot blast machines from Mesblate, they have 3 Blast chambers, including Inlet auxiliary chamber, Main blasting chamber and Outlet auxiliary chamber.

2 auxiliary chambers are connected by main blasting chambers in the middle. They have 2 main functions.

  • To prevent steel shots and sands running out of chamber. This is helpful to keep workshop clean and safety of workers. These steel abrasives impact on metal surface over than 70m/s. They will reflect and bonce in main blasting chamber after impacting. Most of them will fall down into main blasting chamber bottom. But there are some few shots even run further. 2 layers of rubber curtains are equipped in auxiliary chambers to stop these shots.
  • To collect dusts from main chamber. This is helpful to promote surface cleanness and keep clear working environment.

shot blasting chamber manufacturing
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