Control cabinet Manufacturing

Electric control cabinet is control unit of shot blasting machine. Components are equipped in cabinets to receive signals, process signals and send order to control blasting equipment. Operator will control buttons and knobs on panel to run the blasting machine by mesblate. Lights and ammeters can indicate machine failure.

Detection devices collect signals. Cables transfer these signals to back to control cabinet. On panel of control cabinet, Current parameters are equipped to monitor currents of each blast turbine wheel. Adjustable speed knob is equipped to adjust roller speed. Start, stop and emergency press buttons control automatic model. Individual press buttons are also available for manual operation or testing unit individual part. These buttons are for roller conveyors, each blast turbine, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, separator and dust collector. Inside of control cabinet, control system is composed of power supply unit, control unit, safety unit. PLC is optional for complicated running and control program. Basic control uses relay switch. Mot of models from mesblate are standard. These models can be adjusted according to specific machine.

Electric control manufacturing
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