Roller Conveyor Manufacturing

Roller conveyor / Roller table system is work pieces delivery part of roller conveyor type shot blasting machine.

Motors driven chains and chains rollers to move. Inlet roller conveyor move work pieces into blasting chamber where work pieces are blasted. And then unload roller conveyors move finished work pieces out of blasting chamber. Roller conveyor system is continuous and automatic system.

Characters of Roller Conveyor:

Heavy duty: Rollers are made up of seamless pipes. Frame is welded by >6 mm channels and angels. Max 12 tons. Resistant for loading force.

Multi-functional: Roller conveyor can deliver all kinds of beams, angels, channels, steel plates and fabricated work pieces. Bigger work pieces can be placed on rollers directly by cranes, forklift or even manual operation. Small work pieces can be placed on tooling like basket or bracket to avoid these work pieces falling off the roller conveyors.

Easy operation: You just push the button on control panel to start or stop roller conveyor.

Speed and direction can be adjusted as requirements:

Speed can be adjusted by turning rotary knob. Direction can be changed by pressing key on control panel, forward or backward.

Safety: Chain cover with yellow extends to whole roller conveyors. This cover keeps operator away from rotating chains below it. Emergency stop button is available on rollers. Just press button, whole rollers will stop.

Roler conveyor manufacturing
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