Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturing

Mesblate is dedicated to shot blasting machine manufacturing nearly 20 years.
Full range of rotary table shot blasting machines are produced to be applied widely in metal surface blast cleaning industry.
On the one hand, Mesblate provides standard models and types of shot blasting equipment to save cost and meet general requirements.
On the other hand, custom type machines are designed according to specific work pieces, surface finish level, and workshop environments.
Mesblate engineers have great talent and a depth of blast cleaning experience to design right machine model.
Outsourcing material and supporting equipment are strictly examined by QC before going to manufacturing processes.
Mesblate has dedicated production lines and facilities from cutting, drilling, welding, to CNC machining.
ISO 9001 system is committed and followed during whole manufacturing processes.
CE certificate is awarded to Mesblate to strength our manufacturing ability.

Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturing 1
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