Shot blasting turbine wheel manufacturing

Shot blasting turbine wheel is most important part for shot blasting machine and wheel blasting equipment.
Shot blasting turbine wheels can be divided into 2 basic types according to motor connecting ways. If motors connect blast wheels with flange, Mesblate calls it direct driving blasting turbine wheels. If motors connect blast wheels with rubber belts, Mesblate calls it belt driving blast wheels.
Steel shots are loaded into turbine wheels in shot blasting machine. Three-phase asynchronous motors provide power for turbine wheels. Motors can be directly connected to blast turbine wheel shaft. Or motors can be connected to pully on wheel with rubber belts. Electric motor energy is converted into centrifugal force energy by rotating a turbine wheel. These shots are accelerated to reach 2950 rpm in high rotating enclosure (impeller and control cage). And then, shots are released from housing windows to form high speed abrasive stream with speed over 70 m / s.
The capacity of each wheel goes from approximately 120 kg per minute up to 600kg/min by Mesblate.These large amounts of accelerated abrasives impact on metal surface of different metals, steels, castings and fabricated work pieces. Quantity and power of blast wheels for shot blasting depend on metal work pieces to be blasted as well as required finish level, roughness and efficiency.

shot blasting wheel turbine manufacturing
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