Shot blasting machine operation guide

Step 1: Preparation before shot blasting machine operation

shot blasting machine operation

1-1 According to the actual situation at the site, choose and wear the labor insurance supplies: goggles, canvas gloves, earplugs, dust masks, labor shoes.
1-2 Check condition of wear parts of shot blasting machine (blast machine blade, chamber liners, tooling). Find abnormalities and deal with them in time. Check the fit of each moving part, bolt connections are loose and tighten in time.
1-3 Check out whether there are leaks and defects in Mesblate's shot blasting chamber, clear foreign bodies in time to prevent the blockage of the abrasive reclaiming system.
1-4 Verify that the dust collector, shot storage funnel, screen, blast machine chamber, etc. have been cleaned. No large foreign objects exist.Start machine after all above points checked.

Step 2: Shot Blasting Machine Operation process

2-1. Before starting the machine, signal should be to make people near the machine to leave. Ensure that there are no people in the blasting chamber. Turn on the power and check buttons and knobs on operation panel flexible and in place. Abnormalities must be dealt with in a time.

2-2. Check wear condition of tooling. Overweight workpieces are prohibited to hang onto tooling. They may cause tooling tear or broken to break Mesblate shot blasting machine and hurt people during blasting. Wet or greasy workpieces are strictly forbidden to enter the blasting chamber. These will cause abrasive adhere to metal surface and form abrasive block.

2-3. Follow right sequence to start machine: Starting fan → Clockwise (or un-clockwise) → Start upper shot blast turbine wheels →Start lower shot blast turbine wheel → Open abrasive control valve → Blasting.

2-4. When the blast machine is running, observe if the upper and lower blast wheels running current is balanced. Pay attention to vibration and abnormal sound. Check if bearings and motor temperature is normal. When abnormality is found, machine should be stopped. After troubleshooting or wear parts replaced, run machine again.

2-5. Do not touch buttons and knobs on control panel to avoid danger when the equipment is in normal running.

2-6. While the equipment is in operation, the operator may not go behind or top of Mesblate shot blast machine to adjust abrasive volume. Any operation on top of blasting chamber is prohibited.

Step 3: Trouble shooting during shot blasting machine operation

shot blasting machine operation

3-1. In the event of a sudden power failure, turn off the main power supply, turn off the compressed air switch and hang the signage.

3-2. When bucket elevator shaft stops operating,Bearing may be stuck or screen blocked by hard foreign objects. Stop machine and turn off power immediately. Only after erecting "no operation sign" at control panel, operator can be allowed to check and clear objects. If too many abrasives piling up in basting chamber, special tools should be used to clear them. Manual hand cleaning may cause bucket elevator belt rotate and throw steels shots to hurt operator.

3-3. If there is any abnormal noise while working, press the emergency stop button to stop the whole mesblate shot blaster machine. Find out the cause and solve the problem before restarting the machine.

Step 4: Shot Blasting Machine Operation after machine working

4-1. Keep fan to work over for 3 minutes to get dusts exhausted out. Exit tooling out of blasting chamber. Stack tooling up.

4-2. At the end of each shift, cut off the total power supply, clean the dust on the electrical control cabinet. Clean shot blast machine and the surrounding area to ensure no abrasives on floor to prevent from slipping and falling.

4-3 Remove dusts from the dust collector by Mesblate regularly.

Safety instruction of shot blasting machine

1. Mesblate Shot blasting machine operation should be assigned to certain operator. This is helpful to get familiar with machine. Only well trained operator can run the machine. Operating procedures, repair and maintenance should be trained and tested.

2. Before starting mesblate's blaster machine, ensure buttons, knobs and switches in required set position to avoid accidental action damage to electrical and mechanical equipment.

3. Non-operators shall not operate or touch buttons, knobs and switches in control area at will to avoid accidents.

4. Non- operators leave equipment working area before operation to avoid accidental injury or death.

5. After blasting wheel amperemeters to reach normal value, work pieces delivery system can start to transfer workpieces into blasting chamber. If amperemeters indicate wrong value, stop mesblate's machine and check the equipment for troubleshooting before turning it on and working properly.

6. During operation of the equipment, operator must inspect the equipment for abnormal sound and overheating in all parts. Press the "Emergency Stop" button to stop the equipment when a serious failure is found in operation and cooperate with professionals to troubleshoot the equipment.

7. Safety should be taken into account when loading and unloading to prevent the workpiece falling off from tooling and injuring people. Before loading, tooling should be checked if there are breakage and damage.

8. Do not open doors before machine stops completely.

9. Seriously worn chamber liners and rubbers should be replace in time to prevent abrasives flying out and injuring people.

10. Abrasives scattered on the ground should be cleaned up in time to avoid slipping and injuring people.

11. Do not open shot blasting wheel before machine completely stop. If need to open and check it, the main power supply must be switched off.

12. Clean up objects on abrasive separator screen per shift. Keep screen in good condition. Worn or teared screen will allow foreign objects to fall into blasting turbine and cause serious damage to machine.

13. Operators must carry out daily and weekly maintenance including lubrication of this equipment in accordance with "Equipment Management Manual". Clean the dust and debris in the dust collector on a weekly basis so as not to affect the quality of the dust collector and ensure the integrity of the equipment.

14. Operators must perform safety production and strictly implement the work shifting rules.

15. Immediately cut off machine power switch to avoid accidental operation of this equipment.

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