Shot Blasting Machine Price List, Cost reference before buying

Full type shot blasting machines price and cost are listed in below table. Q69 Roller type: $13K - $60K; Q37 Spinner hanger type: $7K - $30K; Q32 Tumble belt type: $3K - $6K. Price list has included all basic shot blasting machines and equipment for sales online.Details please refer to below table.
Refer this guide before buying shot blasting machine and equipment(wheel blasting equipment). Check it and compare with your sourcing budget. Customer will have a rough idea to proceed or not. Please bear in mind that this prices are just standard and rough rates. Contact mesblate and get accurate quote matching your specific requirements.

Items $10K $20K $30K $40K $50K $60K $70K $80K $90K
Tumble Belt Type $3-6K
Rotary Drum Type >$4K <$13K
Rotary Table Type >$9K <$18K
Gas Cylinder Blasting >$11K <$30K
Wire Mesh Type >$12K -------> <$40K
Roller Conveyor Type >$13K -------- ------- ------> <$60K
Overhead Rail Type >$20K ------- ------- ------> <$70K
External Pipe Blasting >$23K ------- ------- ------- ------> <$80K
Steel Plate Blasting >$60K ------- ------- ------>
Internal Pipe Blasting >$70K ------- ------>
Preservation Line >$90K

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