Belt Driving Type Blasting Wheel And Blast Turbine

Belt driving type blasting wheel and blast turbine are most popular blast wheel and blasting turbine in shot blasting machine. Motor and blasting wheel are connected by belt. Much more blasting flow and higher power are available.

belt driving type shot blasting turbine wheel
ModelRotation diameterRotation speedBlasting capacityPowerBlasting blade widthBlasting speed
Q032427 mm2300 rpm100 kg/min7.5 kw74 mm60 m/s ?
Q034420 mm2600 rpm250 kg/min15 kw80 mm70 m/s
Q035500 mm2250 rpm360 kg/min22 kw100 mm75 m/s
Q035G500 mm2250 rpm480 kg/min30 kw100 mm75 m/s
Q038500 mm2370 rpm970 kg/min75 kw 100mm75m/s

Belt driving blasting wheel - Mesblate
Q034 shot blasting wheel - Mesblate
Belt driving blast wheel - Mesblate
Q034 shot blast wheel - Mesblate
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