Direct Driving Type Blasting Wheel And Blast Turbine

Direct driving type blasting wheel and blast turbine are compact blasting wheels and blast turbine in shot blasting machine. Motors and blast blast turbine are connected by shaft.So it is much higher efficiency and more quiet.

Max motor power is 15 kw and max blasting capacity is 250 kg per min.

direct driving type blasting turbine wheel
Model Rotation diameter Rotation speed Blasting capacity Power Blasting blade width Blasting speed
Q034ZZ 380 mm 2940 rpm 120 kg/min 7.5 kw 92 mm 70 m/s
Q033 400 mm 2450 rpm 180 kg/min 11 kw 95mm 78m/s
Q034B 380 mm 2940 rpm 250 kg/min 15 kw 92mm 72m/s

Direc driving blasting wheel - Mesblate
Q034ZZ sprocket shot blasting wheel - Mesblate
Direc driving blast wheel - Mesblate
Q034ZZ sprocket shot blast wheel - Mesblate
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