Stainless steel cut wire

Stainless steel cut wire is kind of cut wire metallic abrasives from stainless steel wires. This cut wire has bright surface and angular shapes. It is suitable for shot blasting, shot peering and deburring in non-ferrous metal and stainless steel products surface cleaning. Non-ferrous metal include aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel etc…

The surface of work-pieces can reach certain profile without rust and highlight metallic luster after processing in shot blasting machine.

Stainless steel cut wire Mesblate

Type and Material Of Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Type of stainless steel cut wire can be classified by edge shapes after different conditioning. They include G0 Stainless steel cut wire, G1 Stainless steel cut wire, G2 Stainless steel cut wire and G3 Stainless steel cut wire.

G0 Stainless steel cut wire is cylindrical shape after cutting without further processing.

G1 Stainless steel cut wire is achieved after angular edges being conditioned.

G2 Stainless steel cut wire is semi conditioned.

G3 Stainless steel cut wire has lost nearly all edges and become spherical shape.

Stainless grade can be SUS304 Stainless steel cut wire, SUS430 Stainless steel cut wire and SUS410 Stainless steel cut wire .

Item SUS304 SUS430 SUS410
C ≤0.250% ≤0.250% ≤0.250%
Si ≤1.00% ≤1.00% ≤1.00%
Mn ≤2.00% ≤1.00% ≤1.00%
S ≤0.030% ≤0.030% ≤0.030%
P ≤0.030% ≤0.030% ≤0.030%
Cr ≤18-20% ≤16-18% ≤10-13%
Ni ≤8-10% / /≤0.030%
Hardness HRC40-50 HRC 25-35 HRC30-50
Micro Structure Austenitic Ferrite Deformed martensite
Density ≥7.80g/cm3 ≥7.80g/cm3 ≥7.80g/cm3

Size and Packing of Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Size of stainless steel cut wire: 0.3mm. 0.4mm. 0. 5mm. 0. 6mm. 0.8mm. 1. 0mm. 1. 2mm. 1.4mm. 1. 5mm

Packing: 25kgs/bag, 40bags/wooden pallet or as request.

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