Cast steel shot abrasives for sand blasting & shot blasting

Steel shot is mostly used metallic abrasives and media in sand blasting and shot blasting. Steel shots or steel shot pellets are casted by molten steel through an atomization ("granulation") process. After annealing and polishing process, different size shots are available with different hardness.

Hardness of steel shots is usually ranging between 40 and 65 on the Rockwell scale (400 to 850 on the Vickers hardness scale). And Size is ranging from S110 to S780.

Mesblate has been supplying the world's finest steel shot for shot blasting machine , sandblasting / grit blasting machine, and wheel blasting equipment.
Our steel shot consists of highly polished and nearly perfect spheres. Our demanding standards create the finest steel shot on the market.25kg poly bags with pellets or ton bags available for sales and delivery in stock.

steel shot - Mesblate

Steel shot distribution - Mesblate

steel shot & grit size distribution - Mesblate

steel shot specification - Mesblate

steel shot & grit specification sheet-Mesblate
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