Shot Blasting Machine

There are various types of Shot Blasting Machine in metal surface finishing industry. Basically, there are three ways to define types of these machines.
First one is the way of work pieces going into blasting chamber by rollers, hangers etc... Second way is to define types and Classification of these Machinery via metal steel work pieces to be treated, like pipe blaster, H beam blasting machine, cylinder sand blasting … In terms of the customization, these blasters can be divided standard types and customized types. Standard ones include tumble belt machines, rotary drums or table machines. Read more ...

Roller Conveyor Machines

Model: Q69 Series

For steels, profiles, fabrication.

4-10 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-4 m

Length: 15-32 m

Height: 7-8 m

Steel Plate Machines

Model: QXY69 Series

For steel plates, stripes, sheet

6-10 Blast Wheels

Width: 3-4 m

Length: 15-32 m

Height: 7-8 m

H Beam Blaster

Model: QH69 Series

For H Beams, I Beams and Profiles

6-10 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-4 m

Length: 32 m

Height: 7-8 m

Preservation line

Preservation Line

Model: QPXY69 Series

For steel plate blasting & painting.

6-10 Wheels, Painting

Width: 3-5 m

Length: ~ 75 m

Height: 7-8 m

Pipe Blaster Machine Series

These series are for round steel, pipe and gas cylinders. External surface as well as internal surface cleaning are all available.

Pipe Blaster Machines

Model: QGW Series

For external pipes, tubes.

2-6 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-4 m

Length:20-32 m

Height: 7-8 m

Shot blasting machine for rod

Rod & Bar Machines

Model: QYG Series

For round steel & bars.

2-6 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-4 m

Length:15-32 m

Height: 7-8 m

Shot blasting machine for gas cylinder

Cylinder Blast Machines

Model: QP Series

For LPG, LNG gas cylinder.

2-6 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-4 m

Length: 8-15 m

Height: 7-8 m

Shot blasting machine for steel wire

Rebar & Bar Coil Cleaning

Model: QGJ Series

For rebar, bar coil cleaning.

2 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-4 m

Length: 6-8 m

Height: 7-8 m

Spinner Hanger Type Blasting Series

Spinner hanger machines are similar to overhead rail conveyor type. But they are both for complex steel works. Rotary hangers drive work pieces for averaged blasting flow. Furthermore, overhead conveyor type is also suitable for automatic coating line.

Overhead Rail Machines

Model: Q48 Series

For complicated shaped parts.

6-10 Blast Wheels

Width: 4-6 m

Length:15-30 m

Height: 7-8 m

Shot blasting machine mono rail type

Tunel Through Machines

Model: Q58 Series

For heavy & complicated parts.

6-12 Blast Wheels

Width: 4-6 m

Length:15-30 m

Height: 7-8 m

Spinner Hanger Machines

Model: Q37 Series

For casting, fabricated, forged.

2-5 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-5 m

Length: 2-5 m

Height: 5-8 m

Shot blasting machine hanger hook type

Hanger Hook Machines

Model: QT37 Series

For heavy casting, fabricated

2-5 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-5 m

Length: 2-5 m

Height: 5-8 m

Standard Shot Blasting Equipment

Standard types are economic and also space-saving in contrast to customized ones . They are suitable for small casting and forgings. Besides that, fragile parts are suitable to use table and wire mesh type.

Moreover, these shot blasting units are labor saving system. Normally, 1 operator is enough for the machine working and operation. Dust collection system guarantee clear and healthy working environment.

Tumble Belt Machines

Model: Q32 Series

For small casting & fabricated parts.

1-2 Blast Wheels

Width: 1.5-2 m

Length: 1-1.5 m

Height: 5-6 m

Rotary Drum Machines

Model: Q31 Series

For small parts batch cleaning

1 Blast Wheels.

Width: 2-3 m

Length: 2-3 m

Height: 1.5-2 m

Table Blast Machines

Model: Q35 Series

For precise & complicated parts

1-2 Blast Wheels.

Width: 2-3 m

Length: 2-3 m

Height: 5-6 m

Wire Mesh Blast Machines

Model: QWD Series

For fragile aluminum wc thin wall.

2-6 Blast Wheels

Width: 2-3 m

Length: 5-8 m

Height: 5-7 m

Shot Blast Machines Price List and Purchasing Cost

Mesblate has listed shot blasting machine price and cost for basic type of blasting equipment as good guide before buying blasting machine and equipment(wheel blasting equipment). Check it and compare with your sourcing budget. Customer will have a rough idea to proceed or not. Please bear in mind that this prices are just standard and rough rates. Contact mesblate and get accurate quote matching your specific requirements.

Items $10K $20K $30K $40K $50K $60K $70K $80K $90K
Tumble Belt Type $3-6K                
Rotary Drum Type >$4K <$13K              
Rotary Table Type >$9K <$18K              
Gas Cylinder Blasting   >$11K <$30K            
Wire Mesh Type   >$12K -------> <$40K          
Roller Conveyor Type   >$13K -------- ------- ------> <$60K      
Overhead Rail Type     >$20K ------- ------- ------> <$70K    
External Pipe Blasting     >$23K ------- ------- ------- ------> <$80K  
Steel Plate Blasting           >$60K ------- ------- ------>
Internal Pipe Blasting             >$70K ------- ------>
Preservation Line                 >$90K

Top Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer - Mesblate From CHINA

Matured purchase chain only source steels, electric parts and motors from famous branded manufacturer according to detailed BOM. Domestic and international brands are both available.

Solidwork is used to design and simulate complete equipment in technical department. Shell structure, protection liner arrangement, and blasting turbines deployment are all checked in this stimulation environment. Conficts are resolved before manufacturing.

3D designed belt driving blasting wheel by Mesblate

Belt driving blasting wheel - Mesblate
Belt driving blast wheel - Mesblate
Q034 shot blasting wheel - Mesblate
Q034 shot blast wheel - Mesblate

3D designed direct driving blasting wheel via sprocket by Mesblate

Direc driving blasting wheel - Mesblate
Direc driving blast wheel - Mesblate
Q034ZZ sprocket shot blasting wheel - Mesblate
Q034ZZ sprocket shot blast wheel - Mesblate

Mesblate Shot Blasting Machine Workshop follow ISO and CE standard to make parts and assemble complete machine.
Traceability are strictly followed by QC department. Even shot blasting spare parts are all manufactured by our foundry to keep the quality and stale supply.

Product 1

To watch more shot blasting machine working video, please visit here ...

Machine Installation & Erecting

Turn key installation service is offered at buyer’ site. After machine successful trial, training for operator will be followed step by step. Hard copy of machine sketch, electric drawing, operation manual and trouble shooting manual will be delivered to buyer.

Traceability are strictly followed by QC department. Even shot blasting spare parts are all manufactured by our foundry to keep the quality and stale supply.

Advantages & Application

Shot Blasting Machine is also called shot blast machine, shoot blasting machine, shot blaster machine, or wheel blasting machine /equipment in America like USA and Canada. It is mostly used automatic and industrial shot blasting equipment for steel surface cleaning in steel fabrication, foundry casting and shipbuilding in shipyards. Read more ...

How Dose Blasting Machines Work ?

Shot Blasting Machine is an abrasive blasting equipment. As Shot Blast Machine manufacturer, Mesblae offers full line Shot Blast Systems provide automatic and industrial solution for mass steel works like beam, plate, pipes and other metals. Wheel Blasting Equipment drives turbines with steel shots and grits with >70m/s to impact on metal surface. Scales and rusts will be removed and make them ready for later coating and machining. Shot blasting is nearly 10 times faster than manual sand blasting.

These series are for industrial blast cleaning. Work pieces include sheet metal, beams, profiles and fabricated steel works even more. Read more ...

Buy Mesblate Shot Blast Machine ? Consider below factors

  • Work pieces Material and surface finish requirement Work pieces

    Normally shot blasting machine is used to clean metal surface. Non-metallic products like plastics, glass, wood and ceramic are not suitable for shot blast cleaning.
    Casting parts blasting and de-sanding need updated dust collection system to adapt heavy dusts during foundry sands removal.
    Aluminum parts blasting and roughening need explosion proof dust collection system. Antistatic dust filters and explosion proof extractor fans are used to prevent aluminum power to catch fire and get explosive.
    Stainless parts blasting and roughening need stainless steel shots. Carbon steel shots and glass beads can not be used shot blast machines. Stainless parts polishing can not be performed by this blasting equipment.
    Marble stone slab blasting and roughening need dense roller conveyors and updated dust collection system to treat heavy dust during blasting.
    Concrete floor blasting needs specific floor shot blasting equipment. This compact blaster sucked bounced steel abrasives to reclaim.
    Shot peening is used to strengthen and relieve stress in components like steel automobile crankshafts, connecting rods, round springs, and leaf springs. Specific shot blast machines are applied to do shot peening. These machines have narrow blasting blades, customized tooling, and updated steel shots separation device.

  • Shapes of Work pieces to be blasted

    Shoot blasting machines are normally used to clean regular shaped metal and steel work pieces. High speed steel abrasives flow impact on metal surface in straight line. Even Mesblate can deploy blast wheels with right position and angels according to specific work pieces and jobs, shot blasting is still not flexible than manual sand blasting. Regular shaped metal and steels include profiles like beams, angels, channels, pipes, plates and simply fabricated jobs.
    For complicate shaped workpieces, especially with complex inner cavities, sand blasting is more suitable. If choosing shot blasting to treat complicated jobs considering big volume and high efficiency, sand blasting is also used after shot blasting to clean blind spots.

  • Size and dimension of Work pieces

    Bigger sized work pieces will increase cost sharply. Buyer should make decision between machine cost and blasting efficiency. Sand blasting in open air or room is good option for super and giant work pieces.
    For smaller and tiny work pieces, tooling is used to gather them in one batch to promote blasting efficiency.

  • Shot Blasting Efficiency and Productivity

    Blasting efficiency is 5-10 times than manual sand blasting and sandblasting machine. If course, shot blasting equipment has higher pricing.
    Shoot blasting machines are applied on mass industrial production with higher efficiency like steel work shops.
    For spinner hanger machines, tumble belt machines and barrel drum machine, 3-5 minutes per batch. For roller conveyor type blasting machines, 1-2m/min. For pipe blasting machine, >100m2/h.

  • Abrasives can be used in shot blasting equipment

    Only steel and metallic abrasives can be used in blasting machines. Steel and metallic abrasives include steel shots, steel grits, cut wire, stainless steel shots, aluminum shots, zinc shots. Non-metallic abrasives can be used in shotblasting system like silica sands, olive sands, garnet, glass beads, ceramic beads, mineral slag, and agricultural power. Non-metallic abrasives are light. Wheel blasting will crush them before reaching metal surface. Crushed abrasives with heavy dusts are hard to reclaim. Read more ...

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