Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

steel pipe shot blasting machine

Equipment Brief View

Model: QGW External Pipe Blaster
Surface finish: SA2.5 to SA3.0
Outer diameter: 50-3500mm
Blasting speed: 0.5 to 1.5 m/min
Delivery: 30 days

Application Of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

External Steel pipe shot blasting machine is special shot blaster cleaning equipment for steel pipes ,steel tubes and round bars.

φ30-φ1400 mm for external shot blast machine and φ50 – φ360 for internal shot blast machine.

φ16-φ50 mm pipes are suitable for special v roller pipe shot blasting machine.

Parameter Of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Model QH698 QH6912 QH6915 QH6920 QH6930
Inlet Height 800 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm 3000 mm
Inlet Width 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm 800 mm 1000 mm
Blasting Wheels 4 x 7.5 kw 6 x 7.5 kw 6 x 11 kw 8 x 7.5 kw 8 x 11 kw
Shot Blasting 4 x 125 kg 6 x 125 kg 6 x 180 kg 8 x 125 kg 8 x 180 kg

Composition Of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine


Wheel Roller Conveyor System

Composition: feeding roller wheels, middle roller wheels, out-feeding roller wheels.
Speed: adjustable by motor rotation.
Angle: adjustable at one pair of wheels or the same line by screws.

Blasting Chambers

Composition: main blasting chamber, rubber seals.

Main blasting chamber: 2 blasting wheels mounted at chamber bottom to blast the rotating pipes.

Rubber seals: whole set of round rubber seals to match different size pipes to protect steel shots and grits out of chamber.

Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine 3

Abrasive Recycling System

Longitude screw: to collect used steel shots and grits at the bottom of blasting chamber.

Horizontal screw: to deliver collected shots and grits from longitude screw to bucket elevator.

Bucket elevator: to lift used steel shots and grits from bottom to top separator.

Separator: to separating qualified shots and grits out to abrasive hopper.

Dust Collection System

Filtration rate: 99.9%, dustless shot blasting machine, healthy and clear environment.

Cyclone dust collector|: first sate dust collection.

Dust collector: cartridge type or bag type are second stage dust collection.

Fan extractor: to extract dusts from piping to dust collector.

Ventilation piping: to collect dusts from blasting chambers and separators.


Electric Control System

Model: Automatic ( manual type is available).
Control unit: PLC.
Emergency stop: on main control panel and rollers conveyors.
Power indicator: available on control panel.

Shipping Of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine


Why Choose Pipe Shot Blasting Machine From Mesblate?

Steel pipe shot blasting machine is special blast cleaning equipment for steel pipes, tubes and round bars. External pipe shot blasting machine is also called external pipe blaster for pipe external surface cleaning. Internal pipe shot blasting machine is also called internal pipe blaster for pipe internal surface cleaning.

Wheel rollers deliver steel pipes to blasting chamber where work pieces will be blasted by blasting wheels mounted at bottom of the chamber. Out-feeding rollers deliver blasted and finished steel pipes out of blasting chamber for unloading.

Hydraulic loading and unloading device is optional for continuous and automatic production line.


Turnkey installation for the pipe shot blasting machine is available. And DIY installation by customer is also available according to pipe shot blast machine videos and drawings.


Training for pipe shot blasting machine operator starts from the beginning of the installation. Operation, maintaining, and safety will be trained. Hard copy of training videos and files will be transferred to customer after training and testing finished.

After sales

Guarantee time of pipe shot blasting machine will be one to five years. Technical support will be during the whole blasting machine life. Consumable parts will be supplied periodically.

Safety and health

General emergency stop button is on the control panel. And sub emergency stop buttons are on the rollers, conveyors and rails. Detectors on the blasting wheel covers, blasting chamber windows, elevators, separators will protect safety of the operators. Dust collection unit of shot blast machine also bring dust free working environment. And steel shots and steel grits will keep free silicon.

External pipe blast cleaning machine - Mesblate
Pipe shot blasting machine video Mesblate

FAQ Of Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

What is basting speed of steel pipe shot blasting machine ?
0.5-1.5 m per minutes.
What is max weight of rollers of steel pipe shot blasting machine ?
2 tons per 1 meter.
What kind of abrasives are used for steel pipe shot blasting machine ?
Steel shots, steel grits or steel cut wire.
Is it necessary to dig pit for installation of steel pipe shot blasting machine ?
How to cleaning small work pieces shorter than 1 meter?
To use pipe connecting device
How many operators are needed to run steel pipe shot blasting machine ?
1 operator.

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