Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Equipment Brief View

Model: Q32

Surface finish level: SA2.5 to SA3.0

Blast cleaning efficiency:  0.6-2.5 t/hr

Power: Min 12.6kw

Delivery: 15 days

Application Of Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Tumble belt shot blasting machine is suitable for,
casting parts
forging parts
casting tube and elbows
other small fabricated metal work pieces

Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine 3

Parameter Of Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Model Q326 Q3210 Q3210A Q3210C
Belt type Rubber Rubber Rubber Metal
Productivity 0.6-01.2t/h 2-2.5t/h 2-2.5t/h 3-5t/h
Effective volume 0.15m3 0.3m3 0.3m3 0.4m3
Blasting Capacity 1 x 120 kg 1x 180 kg 1 x 250 kg 1 x 250 kg
Air volume 2000m3/h 3500m3/h 3500m3/h 6000m3/h

Composition Of Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine


Tumble Belt Conveyor

Tumble belt: can be rubber or metal.

Driving motor: to drive tumble belt to rotate .

Loading device: optional

Blasting Chamber

Blasting wheels: mounted on top of blasting chamber.

Camber ends: to be protected by Mn alloy liners.

Doors: manual.


Abrasive Recycling System

Screw conveyor: mounted at basting chamber bottom to collect used steel shots and deliver to bucket elevator.

Bucket elevator: to lift up used sheet shots to separator.

Separator: to separator qualified steel shots and grits by screen filtering and ventilation filtering.

Dust Collection System

Fan: to suck dust from blasting chamber through pipes.

Gravity dust collector: to catch big particle size dust by gravity as first sate dust collection.

Dust collection: two kinds of dust collectors according to different filters in dust collector (bag type dust collector and cartridge type dust collector). Filters catch small sized dusts. Mechanic shake device for bag type dust collector and  pulse reverse device for cartridge type dust collector will clean piled dust automatically.

Efficiency: 99.9% dust will be collected. Clear and healthy working environment in workshop.


Electric Control System

Model: Automatic ( manual type is available).

Control unit: PLC .

Emergency stop: on main control panel and rollers conveyors.

Power indicator: available on control panel.

Shipping Of Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine


Why Choose Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine From Mesblate?

Tumble belt shot blast machine is blast cleaning equipment for casting parts, forging parts and small fabricated metal work pieces. Tumble belt rotates with work pieces on it at the bottom of blasting chamber. Blasting wheels on top blast steel shots and grits on work pieces.  Left and right chamber are protected by alloy liners.   Tumble belt can be rubber and metal.


Buyer install tumble belt shot blasting machine in their factory. Installation guide and instruction are available.

Tumble belt shot blasting machine is small and standard shot blast machine. Normally it is shipped in one container. Blasting chamber and dust collection are assembly in our factory. Installation for tumble belt shot blasting machine is available.


Hard copy of training videos and files will be transferred to customer after shipping.

After sales

Guarantee time of shot blasting machine will be one to five years. Technical support will be during the whole blasting machine life. Consumable parts will be supplied periodically.

Safety and health

General emergency stop button is on the control panel. Detectors on the blasting wheel covers, blasting chamber windows, elevators, separators will protect safety of the operators. Dust collection unit of shot blast machine also bring dust free working environment. And steel shots and steel grits will keep free silicon.

FAQ Of Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

What is basting speed of tumble belt shot blasting machine ?
3-5 min per one batch.
What is max loading weight of tumble belt shot blasting machine ?
200 to 800 kgs.
What kind of abrasives are used for tumble belt shot blasting machine ?
Steel shots, steel grits or steel cut wire.
Is it necessary to dig pit for installation of tumble belt shot blasting machine ?
Is it possible to install tumble belt shot blasting machine by buyer himself ?
How many operators are needed to run tumble belt shot blasting machine ?
1 operator.
Is the automatic and pneumatic lifting door available ?
Is the lift loading bucket available ?
How to choose right belt material, rubber or metal?
Metal belt normally for hot casting or heavy duty work pieces.
Rubber belt normally for normal temperature and common weight work pieces.

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