Shot blasting vs sandblasting

Shot blasting vs sandblasting? The main difference is that in the shot blasting process we use throwing wheel and in sand blasting process compressed air is used. Blasting way defines what is shot blasting.

Shot blasting: abrasive obtains velocity via the propelling wheel, which is quickly rotating in a special steel enclosure, with one side heading outlet. Shot blasting is used for cleaning steels, different profiles and welded constructions.

Sand blasting: abrasive and compressed air are mixed into the abrasive stream. These mixtures are blasted out from the blasting nozzle. Sand blasting is used in the blast rooms and blast cabinets.

Shot blasting vs sandblasting - What Is Sandblasting or Sand Blasting?

Sand blasting or sandblasting is also surface cleaning processing by pneumatic nozzles. Pneumatic nozzles get force from compressed air. Equipment for sandblasting is normally called sand blaster, sand blasting machine, sand blasting cabinet, sand blasting pots…

Sands are loaded into hopper. 0.4-0.6 Mpa compressed air propelled these sands via rubber hoses or steel lances to blasting nozzle. Blasting nozzles are made from friction resistant material and ranges from 8 mm to 12 mm. Blasting nozzle quantity can be arranged according to work pieces shapes and blasting efficiency.

  • Sand blasting use blasting nozzle.
  • Sand blasting use blasting nozzle.
  • Sand blasting use mineral abrasives.
  • Abrasives can not be reclaimed.
  • Sand blasting is manual type.

Shot blasting vs sandblasting - What Is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is also surface cleaning processing by blast wheels. Blast wheels use centrifugal force from electric motors. Equipment for shot blasting is normally called shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment or wheel blasting equipment.

Steel shots are loaded into turbine wheels in shot blasting machine. Three-phase asynchronous motors provide power for turbine wheels. Motors can be directly connected to blast turbine wheel shaft. Or motors can be connected to pulley on wheel with rubber belts. Electric motor energy is converted into centrifugal force energy by rotating a turbine wheel. These shots are accelerated to reach 2950 rpm in high rotating enclosure (impeller and control cage). And then, shots are released from housing windows to form high speed abrasive stream with speed over 70 m / s.

  • Shot blasting use blasting turbine wheel.
  • Shot blasting use electric motor.
  • Shot blasting use metallic abrasives.
  • Abrasives can be reclaimed.
  • Shot blasting is automated.

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