Q3720 Spinner Hanger Hook Shot Blasting Machine Finished By Mesblate

Mesblate has finished hanger hook shot blasting machine ready for shipment. Two hooks are equipped on Y-shaped overhead rail. One is hook is for blast cleaning and another is for loading work pieces at same time. Hook weight capacity is 2 tons for each.

Max workpieces φ1600x2000mm. 3x11kw blasting turbines impact high speed steel shots on rotating work pieces. All sides of workpieces can be cleaned averagely. Normally 3-5 min to clean one hook. Hot area in the chamber is covered by high Mn alloy protection liners.

Requested by customer, this hanger blasting machine is equipped with explosion proof device in dust collection system. High temperature bag filters are used to match it. Explosion proof can be BT4. It is better for cleaning aluminum and precision castings.

Q3720 Spinner hanger shot blasting machine - Mesblate

For more info, please email us. info@mesblate.com

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