Automatic Steel Wire Mesh Belt Through Shot Blasting Machine

Automatic Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

The steel wire mesh belt-through shot blasting machine mainly applies strong shot blasting to the surface of the original steel and castings to remove the surface rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale, etc., so that the workpiece can obtain a uniform metallic luster, and improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect. .

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The mesh belt is generally a wear-resistant and impact-resistant metal mesh belt. By rotating, the parts pass through the shot blasting chamber in an automatic and continuous manner, and receive shot blasting in multiple directions, which maximizes the efficiency of shot blasting and avoids inter-parts. Collision with each other minimizes the possibility of surface damage to the parts.

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shot blasting machine Mesblate (7)

One of the highlights of the wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is its hub type head, which can be adjusted according to the shape and size of different castings. By adjusting the vertical hub, it can target the target parts more concentratedly.
Mainly used to clean the surface of fragile, thin, fragile cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, alloy, ceramic and other materials of small and medium parts. It can also be used to strengthen mechanical parts.

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We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
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