Structure of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine I

Composition Structure of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hook type shot blasting machineHook type shot blasting machineHook type shot blasting machine is a hook type cleaning equipment, consisting of shot blasting chamber, elevator, separator, spiral conveyor, two shot blasting assembly, shot control system, hook walking track, hook system, rotating device, foundation, dust removal system and electrical control part.

Blasting Chamber of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The blast cleaning chamber consists of a chamber shell and shields, etc. The dust extraction port is located on the rear side wall. The dust extraction port is located on the back side wall. The shell of the chamber is of welded steel plate and beam construction, which is a sealed and spacious operating space for blasting the workpieces. The side wall of the chamber is equipped with two QX30 type blast machine assemblies to ensure comprehensive shot blasting of the cleaned workpieces. The areas of the chamber subjected to direct blast from the blast wheels are lined with ZGMn13 with a thickness of δ12, while other areas are protected by 65Mn plates. The guard plates are pressed with guard nuts, which can be easily removed and replaced when necessary. The lower part of the chamber is bevelled by a steel plate to form a funnel that allows the projectile to flow into a screw conveyor at the bottom. This steel plate is also protected by a shield. Above the screw conveyor, a steel bushing is laid, and above the bushing a wear-resistant rubber sheet is laid. When in use, the wear-resistant rubber plate should be placed directly in front of the blast machine to protect the steel bushing below and extend its service life. The standard configuration of this machine is manual door opening and closing. This machine is designed to open the door in the form of a pair of doors, the inner side of the door is paved with wear-resistant rubber plate, using steel pressure plate and hexagonal special nuts to compress; foam rubber tape is glued around the perimeter of the door to provide an effective seal; a shot collection slot is provided underneath to bring out a small part of the pellets when the door is opened to prevent the pellets from falling to the ground and causing people to slip and get injured. There is an oil cup on the door shaft to lubricate the bearings in the door hinges on a regular basis.

Blasting Wheel of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The blast machine is mainly composed of impeller, vane, separator wheel, directional sleeve, cover, guard plate, main shaft, pill feeding tube and other parts.
The QX30 cantilever centrifugal blast equipment used in this machine has the advantages of high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, occupying little space, and rotating left and right. The blade is fixed by centrifugal force in the process of rapid rotation, without any fixed fixture. When disassembling the blade, just tap the outer end of the blade and the blade will be removed, and disassembling the eight blades will only take 10-20 minutes. In addition, the blast wheels and directional bushings can be inspected for wear while the blades are being removed. In addition, the spindle is mounted on the housing, and the holes in the housing that hold the spindle and the directional sleeve are one-time machined, thus reducing the friction of the wheel on the shot and cracking of the sleeve, and greatly increasing blasting efficiency. In the process of using the directional sleeve, the wear of the rectangular window should be checked frequently, when the window wears about 5 mm, it should be rotated backward about 5 mm (according to the direction of impeller rotation), when the window wears more than 15 mm, it should be replaced, otherwise the radial scattering angle of the pellet will increase proportionally, which will accelerate the wear of the guard plate and reduce the cleaning efficiency.

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