Structure of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine II

Roller Type Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

This Hook Type Shot Blasting MachineHook Type Shot Blasting MachineHook Type Shot Blasting Machine also including the Following Structure, Bucket Elevators, Grit Separator, Hook System and Screw Conveyor. The detailed instruction as follows:

Bucket Elevators of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The bucket elevator consists of cycloid reducer and base, upper and lower drums, conveying tape, hopper, closed cylinder and tensioning device. The lower inlet of the bucket elevator is connected to the screw conveyor, and the upper outlet is connected to the shot separator. The housing of the elevator adopts welded structure, with beautiful appearance and good rigidity. There is an overhaul door on the elevator housing, which can repair and replace the hopper. Open the door cover on the lower shell, you can repair the lower transmission, excluding the bottom of the projectile blockage. This machine adopts flat belt rotation. When working, the hopper fixed on the conveying tape will scrape up the pellets at the bottom of the elevator, then under the drive of the elevator motor, the pellets will be lifted to the top of the elevator, and finally the pellets will be unloaded by centrifugal gravity, and the pellets will be fed into the pellet separator. At the same time, the elevator is equipped with a tensioning device. When the belt slackens over a period of time, it can be tightened by adjusting the adjusting bolts on both sides of the top of the elevator. The adjustment range is 100 mm, and care should be taken to make the adjustment amount the same on both sides.

Grit Separator of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

This machine adopts the advanced full-curtain type sand and ball separator. The separator consists of a separator spiral, roller screen, pellet bin, etc. There is a feeding port at the funnel of the separator to add new pellets to the machine. There is a feeding port at the funnel of the pill and sand separator, which is used to supply new pellets to the equipment. The pellet mixture that flows in from the bucket elevator is sent to the drum screen by the separator screw. The roller screen is equipped with inner and outer augers. When working, the inner auger moves the sand and other large particles of debris to the slag discharge port. The sieved pellet, sand and dust mixture is pushed by the outer spiral blade of the drum sieve and evenly distributed along the whole length of the separator, and then the pellet flows evenly to the bottom of the separator in the state of stream curtain through the adjustment of the separator hammer. At this time, the separator fan is pumped through the separator ventilation holes. The use of gravity wind separation principle, the pellets and metal oxide skin fragments, broken pellets, dust effective separation, large particles of waste material from the separator pellet overflow outflow, fine pellets, dust from the waste outlet, the pellets into the pill bin for recycling.

Hook System of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The hook system consists of a hook, deceleration device, friction wheel, and electric hoist parts. The system performs the functions of hanging workpieces, lifting workpieces, carrying workpieces into the chamber, and rotating workpieces in the cleaning chamber driven by the rotation device.

Screw Conveyor of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The screw conveyor is located at the bottom of the blast chamber and consists of a spiral shaft, a vane, two shafts, etc. The vane is welded to the spiral shaft. The blades are welded to the spiral shaft. The lower drum of the elevator is assembled on the end of the spiral shaft near the elevator. The spiral conveyor is driven by an oscillating pinwheel reducer in the lower part of the elevator. During operation, the screw conveyor transports the sand and pellet mixture to the bottom of the elevator, which then lifts it to the top and unloads it into the separator for sand and pellet separation. Together, the screw conveyor and the elevator form a pellet collection and recovery system.

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