The Features of the Roller Shot Blasting Machine

Introduction of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The arrangement of roller conveyor shot blasting machine is multi-angle, and the world’s advanced high-efficiency shot blasting device with unit disk blades is selected, which ejects high-speed and dense projectile beams, hits all parts of the steel in the original state, and performs three-dimensional and omni-directional cleaning. The corrosion layer, welding slag, oxide scale and dirt on each surface of the steel quickly fall off, and a smooth surface with a certain roughness is obtained, which improves the adhesion of the paint film and the steel surface, and improves the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel , Improve the internal quality of steel and extend its service life.

Clean Room

The cleaning chamber is a large-cavity plate type box-shaped welding structure. The inner wall of the chamber is lined with ZGMn13 wear-resistant protective plates. The cleaning operation is carried out in a sealed cavity. The wear-resistant protective plate in the cleaning room is bolted with wear-resistant cover-casting nuts to protect the head of the bolt from damage and easy to disassemble and replace.

Conveying Roller

This roller table is divided into indoor conveying roller table and loading and unloading section conveying roller table.
The high chromium wear-resistant jacket and limit ring are used for the indoor rollerway jacket. The high chromium wear-resistant jacket is used to protect the roller table and withstand the impact of projectiles. The limit ring can make the workpiece run at a predetermined position to prevent deviation and cause accidents.


The upper and lower pulleys adopt square outer spherical ball bearings, which can be adjusted automatically when subjected to vibration and impact, and have good sealing performance.


The pellet sand mixture is sent to the upper part of the separator by the elevator, and the pellet dust mixture is evenly distributed, and a curtain is formed through the slit, so that the airflow passes through the curtain in the direction perpendicular to the curtain flow direction to wash the pellet dust. Projectiles, waste materials and mixtures fall into different channels according to their specific gravity, and the pure and qualified projectiles are conveyed into the hopper by the screw for use by the shot blasting machine. The unseparated mixed pellets flow into the hoist and are re-separated; the fine dust is sucked into the dust removal system, the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected.
This separator has a good separation effect. After separation, the sand content in the pure qualified projectile is <1%, and the qualified projectile content in the waste is <1%.

Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is mainly composed of a geared motor, a screw shaft, and a screw shell.
The outer spherical ball bearing with square seat is adopted, which can automatically adjust when subjected to vibration and impact, and has good sealing performance.

Shot Blasting Wheel

The single-disc shot blasting device introduced with the technology of DISA has become the perfect high-level shot blasting machine in China today. It is mainly composed of rotating mechanism, impeller, cover, directional sleeve, pill wheel, guard plate, etc. The impeller is made of Cr40 material and forged, and the blade, directional sleeve, pill wheel and guard plate are all made of high chromium.

Inlet and Outlet Sealing

The inlet and outlet sealing devices of the workpiece are all made of rubber spring steel plate. In order to prevent the projectile from splashing out of the cleaning room during shot blasting, multiple reinforced seals are set at the inlet and outlet of the workpiece, which are characterized by strong elasticity, long life, and sealing effect is best.

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