The Main Components of A Roller Blasting Machine

Definition of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machines are non-standard equipment and come in many different types, largely determined by the type of workpiece; the composition of different wheelblast machines varies, but the main components are similar.
Universal components of a shot blasting machine.
Universal components of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine: Blasting Wheel, Blasting room, Pellet circulation system, Workpiece transport systems, Dust removal equipment
General machine components: blast machines, blast chambers, shot circulation systems, workpiece conveying systems, dust extraction equipment

What’s the Main Components of Roller Shot Blasting Machine?

1. Clean room
The cleaning chamber is of large capacity plate type box welding structure, with ZGMn13 wear-resistant protection plate lining the chamber wall, and the cleaning operation is carried out in a sealed capacity chamber.
2. Conveyor roller way
It is divided into an indoor conveyor roller conveyor and a loading and unloading section conveyor roller conveyor.
The indoor roller conveyor is equipped with high chrome wear-resistant sheath and limit ring, and the high chrome wear-resistant sheath is used to protect the roller conveyor and withstand the impact of the projectile, and the limit ring can make the workpiece run according to the predetermined position to prevent deviation and cause accidents.
3. Elevator
Mainly composed of upper and lower transmission, cylinder, belt, hopper, etc.
4. Separators
The introduction of the British SPENCER company technology BE high-efficiency, high-capacity sorting machine, reasonable structure, excellent performance of the pill sorting.
It is characterized by.
(1) By adjusting the position of the locking limit gate, the pellet flow of poly-cloud thickness and flow rate can be realized.
(2) The height of the air separation zone is 305mm, providing space for effective separation of pellets and debris.
(3) Wind separation control panel in the first separation zone
(4) Two adjustable separation plates for efficient separation of particulate matter and critical sized pellets.
(5) Replaceable screens for large debris retention.
(6) Only good reusable pellets go into the hopper.

What’s the Main Components of Roller Shot Blasting Machine?

5 Screw conveyor
It is mainly composed of reducer, spiral shaft, spiral shell, with a square seat spherical ball bearings, the bearing received vibration shock is able to uterine adjustment, good sealing.
6. Electrical controls
The electrical control system adopts conventional control to realize the control of the whole machine, and adopts high quality electrical components produced at home and abroad, which has the advantages of high reliability and easy maintenance, etc. The main circuit adopts small circuit breaker and thermal relay to realize the short circuit, phase loss and overload protection of each motor. The main circuit is made of small circuit breaker and thermal relay to protect the motor from short circuit, phase loss and overload. Cleaning room and cleaning room in each of the access doors with safety protection switch, when any one of the access doors open, the blast machine can not start.
7. Pill transport pipe
The pellet pipe has a double control function of the pellet, each lock pipe are set above a gate, respectively cut sections of the pellets from the separator, to facilitate maintenance of the respective blast machine; gate open size, you can adjust the flow of pellets, but also according to the specifications of the cleaning workpiece can be arbitrary combinations, open and close the number of gates to save energy, reduce wear and tear on the machine, and ensure that the production needs to meet.
8. Blast Wheel with a single disc blast machine, known as today's world flawless high level of blast machine, he is mainly composed of rotating
The impeller is made of forged Cr40 material, and the blade, directional sleeve, shot-splitting wheel and guard plate are all made of high chromium.
9. Blowing Device
This device adopts high pressure fan, and in the auxiliary chamber part of the chamber with different angles of multiple groups of elastic nozzles, the workpiece surface reserved for the cleaning of the projectile blowing.

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