The Structure Principle And Adjustment of Roller Shot Blasting Machine I

The Structural Principle And Adjustment Use of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine uses the high-speed projectile stream thrown by the high-efficiency shot blasting device to hit the oxide scale, rust layer and debris on the surface of the sucker rod to obtain a fine and bright surface, and make the workpiece show the metal color. It helps to improve the coating quality of drill rods and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion, pipe protection and extension of the service life of steel pipes.
The main functional components of this machine are cleaning room, conveying roller table, shot blasting device, shot circulation system (including elevator, separator, screw conveyor and blasting pipeline), dust removal, electrical control and other components.

Cleaning room of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

(1) Structure The cleaning chamber is a large-capacity plate type box-shaped welding structure. The inner wall of the chamber is lined with a wear-resistant protective plate. The cleaning operation is carried out in a closed chamber.
A. Wear-resistant protective plate protects the chamber wall from abrasion and prolongs the service life of the chamber.
B. Make full use of the projectile rebound function to continue to effectively hit the surface of the workpiece, which is beneficial to improve the cleaning quality and efficiency.
C. There is a spacious maintenance door on the cleaning room, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of indoor wearing parts. A safety interlock switch is installed above the door. The shot blasting device can only be started after the door is closed.
D. The wear-resistant protective plate in the cleaning room is bolted with wear-resistant cover-casting nuts to protect the head of the bolt from damage and easy to disassemble and replace.
E. The inlet and outlet of the cleaning room are equipped with sealed baffles to maintain a better sealing effect.
(2) Adjust, use and maintain safety
A. Shot blasting indoor guard plates and cast nuts are vulnerable parts. Check their wear before operation and replace them in time to prevent damage to the chamber wall. When installing guard plates, pay attention to leaving no gap at the joint.
B. The rubber guard plate used for cleaning the indoor seal is a vulnerable part. If damaged, it should be replaced and repaired in time to prevent projectiles and dust from spilling.
c. During work, the door on any part is never allowed to be opened, and the rubber guard used for cleaning the indoor seal is not allowed to be opened or removed.
d. When you need to enter the cleaning room for maintenance and adjustment of various parts, you must cut off the power supply and list it for warning.

Conveying Roller of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The conveying roller table is divided into feeding mechanism, feeding roller table, discharging roller table, unloading mechanism, unloading limit device, etc. The roller table adopts tapered roller and is placed obliquely at a certain angle, so that the cleaned pipe can be rotated forward (frequency control can be used).
(1) Structure
A. The feeding mechanism is mainly used for feeding. It consists of a feeding frame, a turning frame, a guide wheel, a tie rod, a cylinder for front and rear movement of the frame, and a turning cylinder. Manually put the workpiece on the turning frame, the cylinder moves forward and backward to push the frame forward to the loading station, and the turning cylinder moves, pulling the turning frame to deflect the workpiece into the tapered roller of the feeding roller, and the workpiece rotates forward. After completely withdrawing from the loading station, the frame moves the cylinder back and forth, the frame returns to the original position and the cylinder moves, the flip frame stands up, and the above operations are repeated.
B. The in and out roller table is mainly for conveying the workpiece. It is composed of brackets, driving mechanisms, rollers and other mechanisms, and its conveying speed can be adjusted as required to ensure the continuity of cleaning.
C. The unloading mechanism is mainly used for unloading. It consists of unloading frame, turning frame, turning cylinder and so on. After cleaning, the sucker rod moves forward and hits the discharge limiter, and the discharge turnover cylinder action drives the turnover frame to turn the workpiece out of the discharge roller cone roller.
(2) Adjustment and use
A. Most of the failures of the roller table are caused by excessive load. The load must be strictly controlled, and it is strictly forbidden to stack steel and workpieces on the roller table.
B. The slipping phenomenon occurs when conveying the workpiece, which is generally caused by mechanical collision. Check whether it collides with the wall of the chamber, etc., and troubleshoot in time.

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