The Structure Principle And Adjustment of Roller Shot Blasting Machine II

The Structural Principle And Adjustment Use of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

This Roller Shot Blasting Machine Structural Principle And Adjustment Use including the following Elevator of Roller Shot Blasting Machine, Separator of Roller Shot Blasting Machine and Pill Delivery Mechanism of Roller Shot Blasting Machine.

Elevator of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

(1) Structure
This machine is manufactured with Swiss GF technology.
A. The hoist cover is bent into shape.
B. The upper and lower belt pulleys of the same diameter of the hoist adopt the ribs, the wheel plate and the hub to form a polygonal structure to enhance friction, avoid slipping, and extend the life of the belt.
C. Open the cover on the middle shell of the hoist to repair and replace the hopper and the overlap belt.
D. Open the cover on the lower shell of the elevator to eliminate the blockage of the bottom projectile.
E. Adjust the bolts on both sides of the upper shell of the hoist to drive the pull plate to move up and down to maintain the tightness of the hoist belt.
F. The upper and lower pulleys adopt outer spherical ball bearings with square seats, which can be adjusted automatically when subjected to vibration and impact with good sealing performance.
(2) Adjustment and use
A. When belt slip occurs during the operation of the hoist, the tensioning device can be adjusted or the hoist can be checked for overload.
B. Adjust the bolts on both sides of the upper shell to drive the pull plate to move up and down to maintain the tightness of the belt.
C. The tightness and sag of the drive chain of the hoist should be 2%-4% of the center distance of the sprocket.

Separator of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

(1) Structural principle
This separator is made with Swiss GF technology. It is mainly composed of transmission mechanism, screw conveyor separation device, etc. It has a two-stage separation function (a mixture of projectiles and rust sand dust). The pellet dust mixture is sent to the upper part of the separator by the elevator to evenly distribute the pellet dust mixture, and a curtain is formed through the seam, so that the airflow passes through the curtain in the direction perpendicular to the flow direction of the curtain to wash the pellet dust. The mixture of projectiles and waste materials fall into different channels according to their specific gravity, and the pure and qualified projectiles enter the hopper for use by the shot blasting machine. The unseparated mixture flows into the hoist and is re-separated; the fine dust is sucked into the dust removal system, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected.
(2) Adjustment and use
a. Properly adjust the gap of each adjustment plate to control the uniform fabric of the curtain and obtain the best separation effect.
b. There is an air volume adjustment plate at the junction of the air outlet of the separator and the pipe of the dust collector, which must be adjusted to an appropriate position to ensure that useful projectiles are not dropped into the waste bucket.
c. Qualified projectiles enter the hopper through the separator sieve, effectively blocking the entry of larger pieces of material and ensuring the safe operation of the shot blasting device.

Pill Delivery Mechanism of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The pill delivery pipeline is controlled by a pneumatic gate. Its flow can be controlled.

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