The Structure Principle And Adjustment of Roller Shot Blasting Machine III

The Structural Principle And Adjustment Use of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

This Roller Shot Blasting Machine Structural Principle And Adjustment Use including Screw Conveyor of Roller Shot Blasting Machine, Shot Blasting Device of Roller Shot Blasting Machine and Dust Removal System of Roller Shot Blasting Machine.

Screw Conveyor of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

(1) Structure
A. Use the worm gear reducer of Hangzhou Reducer Factory.
B. There is a cover plate for maintenance on the screw conveyor.
C. The outer spherical ball bearing with square seat is adopted, which can automatically adjust when subjected to vibration and impact, and has good sealing performance.
(2) Adjustment and use
A. Excessive projectiles in the screw conveyor groove will increase the starting torque, and equipment failure should be eliminated in time.
B. The screw shaft should rotate flexibly after installation, and there should be no jamming with the screw conveying groove.

Shot Blasting Device of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

Introducing the American PANGBORN technology, the QH400 single-disc curved blade shot blasting machine manufactured by our company, the main shaft cantilever is supported on the housing, has low vibration and good balance. It is the most advanced high-level shot blasting machine in China today. Compared with straight blades, it has the following advantages:
(1) The projectile projectile speed can be increased by 30%;
(2) Increase cleaning efficiency by 40%;
(3) Noise reduction 8-10dB;
(4) Long service life of wear parts;
(5) It is simple and convenient to replace the blade.
Adjustment and use
A. Adjustment of the projectile belt (refer to the attached picture): First place the workpiece in the projectile belt area and close the projectile gate, stop the roller conveyor, only open the blasting device, manually put a small amount of projectiles into the flow blasting tube, and wait for the blasting device After stopping the rotation, check whether the position of the workpiece to be thrown is suitable, and if it is not ideal, the upper and lower deflection directional sleeves can be tested to determine if it is not ideal.
B. The uneven wear of the impeller will make the high-speed rotating shot blaster vibrate severely, so check the blade wear before each shift. If the blades appear deep grooves or half worn, they should be replaced. The blades must be replaced in pairs and symmetrically. The weight difference between the two blades is not more than 5g, and the uneven torque is less than 1250g·mm. Replace the blades.
C. When there is a deep groove inside the directional sleeve, replace the directional sleeve window after it is worn away by about 10mm (refer to the picture).
D. Replace the working surface of the pill wheel if it wears more than 3mm.
E. If the protective plate of the shot blaster cover is severely worn, it should be replaced in time to prevent the cover from being broken down.
F. Check the reading of the ammeter, it should indicate the proper projectile flow.
G. When the shot blasting device does not completely stop rotating or cut off the power supply, it is not allowed to open the shot blasting device cover.

Dust Removal System of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

A complete ventilation and dust removal system can be formed by the combination of dust removal pipes, dust collectors, fans and air ducts for this machine.
There are air volume adjustment gates at the chamber body and the air outlet of the separator, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The working principle, main technical performance parameters, installation and debugging and operation and maintenance instructions of the FSB56 dust collector equipped with the dust collector can be found in the dust collector manual.

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