Major Applications and Uses of Shot Blasting Machine

To know Major Applications and Uses of Shot Blasting Machine will help you to learn shot blast machines and take advantage of all type of blasting equipment.
Shot Blasting Machine has extensive applications and uses in automobile, foundry, railway, mold, shipping, bearing as well as aerospace science and technology industry. This article elaborates the applications and usages of shot blasting machine from different angles, which will give you a better understanding of the machinery.

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Foundry industry: As a most-used way of cleaning casting or machinery parts surface, shot blasting machine plays an increasingly important role in today’s foundry industry. In foundry factories, castings need to be polished and shot blasting machine is the best suitable machine for this job. Shot blasting machine is initially applied to get rid of sand and oxide films remaining on the surface of steel and iron castings. Shot blasting treatment is widely used for a range of castings, such as steel castings, gray castings, malleable castings, ductile iron castings, etc. On the one hand, this can remove the oxide films and sand that adhere to the casting surface. On the other hand, it works as an indispensable preparation procedure prior to the quality inspection of castings.

Uses in General Casting Production: In general casting production, shot blasting machine is an essential tool to spot the surface defects, such as subsurface pinholes, slag eye, adhering sand, cold insulation and peeling and perfectly clean them away. Shot blast cleaning is also applied in the non-ferrous castings, including aluminum alloy and copper alloy. In addition to removing the oxide scales of castings and looking for surface defects, shot blast cleaning can get surface quality of decoration mainly by getting rid of burrs of die castings, so as to achieve a comprehensive effect.

Uses in Metallurgical Steel Production: In metallurgical steel production, shot blasting or acid pickling is a kind of removing process which is combined with machinery or chemistry, to ensure high productivity in the mass production of steel.

Uses in Steel Production: In the production of silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate and other alloy plate and belt, shot blasting or acid pickling must be carried out after annealing of the cold rolling procedure, in order to ensure the surface roughness and thickness precision of the cold-rolling steel plate.

Modern Metal Industry: In terms of modern metal theory of strength, improving the dislocation density of metals is the main direction of enhancing metal strength. It has been found that shot blasting is an effective way of increasing metal dislocation structure.

Aeronautic Industry & Automobile Industry: Industries such as aircraft, aeronautical industry, automobile and tractor are required to equip with lightweight spare parts, but the reliability is required to be higher. Shot blasting will be regarded as an important technological measure to improve the strength and fatigue strength of spare parts.

Molding industry: Generally, molds require smooth surface because these are also a part of castings. Shot blasting machine is the perfect machine for polishing surface of the products. The best part is that it will not damage the appearance and performance of the products.

Automobile Industry: The steel and other profile components are needed polishing in automobile factories. It is the premise of ensuring the original appearance and not damaging the steel strength, polishing is quite a challenge faced by every manufacturer. Shot blasting machine can help them out every step of the way. Undoubtedly, it is considered to be the best option for automobile industry.

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