What is shot blasting used for?

Shot blasting is a surface treating method used to remove various impurities from the metal using abrasives. It cleans, polishes, and strengthens the metal's physical properties to be used for multiple applications. The automotive industry and many more have been utilizing this method to polish and enhance the metal structure from the shipping industry via shot blasting machine. It's being used to clean the metal surfaces to generate strength, often known as shot peening or polish metal.

The shot blasting process has become an important part of the metal manufacturing industries, construction sector and the steel profile factories. This technique offers some significant advantages for the steel and metal goods safety and maintenance. Before looking at its applications, let us look at how shot blasting machine works. There are plenty of things that can be important for you to know about the procedure of shot blasting. So, here we begin with it.

Shot Blasting Machine and Its Working Procedure

The machine used for shot blasting works as a mechanical process of propelling the abrasive with a centrifugal wheel. This helps remove a layer of the impurities that lie on the top of the metal surface. It successfully removes the unwanted corroded surface and metallic waste from the finished goods. This process makes the surface smooth and uniforms for a much better finish after paint. One can say that the shot blasting machine is used for redefining the rugged edges and surface of the vehicles and many other metal parts. 

The three purposes of using the blasting machines before giving a final finish to the products are:

  • Cleans and smoothens the metal surface
  • Cuts off the maintenance costs by increasing the shelf life of it coating
  • Improves the adhesion between the paint and the top surface of metal

Working Mechanism:

The process of shot blasting begins with a release of a controlled stream of the abrasive material. It is then shot at the surface of a metal or steel surface that is to be purified. The machine has a blast wheel in it, which starts rotating as soon as the procedure begins. These abrasives, then after the wheel rotation, start moving towards the center. Due to rotation, abrasives get accelerated and move in the direction of the surface, which has to be polished.

Once this process ends, the media and contaminants move into the separation system, containing the dust collection system. This dust collector is used for the collection of the media, which is contaminated.

Uses of Shot Blasting

Different industries have used shot blasting for various purposes. Let us have a glance as t how it has helped certain industries that deal with metal.


Mold Industry

The molds have to be very smooth since these are used in many types of metal castings. Therefore, when using the process of shot blasting, it helps in providing a fine and smooth finish to the metal mold. It also guarantees not to interfere or disrupt the shape and appearance of these molds.


Foundry Industry

The foundry factories are those in which the metal is melted and then poured into a casting mold. These castings then need to be polished and finished so they can be suitable for the purpose. You will find that there are many types of machines according to different products. One can choose the shot blasting machine themselves according to their requirements in the foundry industry.


Ship Building Companies

One of the main materials used in the ship manufacturing industry is steel sheet. Under normal conditions, the steel is corroded, which can affect the quality of construction. This will also bother the working efficiency of the industry. Therefore, they need to get rid of the rust. At such times, only a shot blasting machine can ensure that the quality steel is used for its manufacturing.


Bearing Factory

The bearing manufacturing factories requires the blasting machine to clean the metal and to get the required product. It is essential to manufacture the smooth-bearing parts for the user's convenience and extended shelf life.


Steel Profile Companies

All the companies that are related to the steel profile have plenty of burrs with them. This helps enhance the quality of the steel surface, which is manufactured by the companies. One can ease their work of polished steel with the help of a shot blasting machine.


Hardware and Electroplating Industries

Both these industries very keenly focus son manufacturing the products that have a smooth finish. For such product quality, shot blasting is only an option that can fulfill their requirements. There are smaller machines available so that these industries can also use them. 


Automobile Factory

There are many metal components used in the automobile industry, and all of these need to be polished. The manufacturers need to keep their original appearance intact. Therefore, shot blasting does play a role in the automobile industry as it will help boost the quality and appearance of these products. You can choose the tum blasting machine, roller blasting machine, etc., for polishing the automobile industry.


Steel Construction Enterprise

The construction authority has made some rules and regulations which are to be followed by every professional. Hence, keeping this in mind, they use the shot blasting machine for cleaning the rust on the metals used. Other than that, they also end up saving a lot of labor charged with this machine. 

The shot blasting technique has been one of the most chosen by the industries. It is best to remove rust from the surfaces of metal and steel without interrupting its quality. The abrasion also forms a very tight bond between the coating and blasted surface. It will eventually increase the shelf life of the coating or the paint done at the end. Also, this process is eco-friendly since; there is no use of chemicals in it. 

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