Why Use Automatic Shot Blasting Machine To Replace Manual Sand Blasting Machine?

If you are in any type of metal industry including automotive, aerospace, foundry, construction, rail and shipbuilding etc. then preparing the surface of the metal objects for further processing should be your priority. In order to prepare metal surfaces various types of blasting machines are used since long including manual sand blasting machines and auto shot blasting machines etc.
Manual sand blasting machines are traditionally used by various industries to prepare the surface of metal object for several purposes. At times these machines are used to roughen smooth surfaces whereas sometimes for smoothening a rough surface, removing contaminants from the surface or for shaping a surface. But today many industries are replacing manual sand blasting machines with auto shot blasting machines due to various reasons.
Main reason of replacing manual sand blasting machines with auto wheel blast machine is various disadvantages of the former and numerous advantages of the later one. Some advantages of auto shot blast machine and disadvantages of manual sand blasting machine are briefly described here under to help you in making a well informed decision to replace your traditionally used blasting machines with an automatic blasting machines.
Advantages of auto shot blasting machines
• Auto shot blasting machines are eco-friendly as they eliminate the use of damaging and harmful chemicals.
• They increase the rate of production as they prepare surface faster with their better and accurate blasting patterns.
• They are cost effective as lesser labor is required to operate automatic machines
• You can get completely chemical free, dust free, properly scaled and virgin surface with auto shot-blasting machines.
• The surface blasted with wheel blasting machine can form a permanent bonding between the two layers of protective coats.
• They also help in detecting the defects and faults of the surface.
• These machines also ensure the longevity and durability of the protective coats on the shot blasted surfaces as on scale free and blast cleaned surfaces the coats adhere better.
Disadvantages of manual sand blasting machines
• The process is slow and costly as it requires more labor to accomplish a task than a shot blasting machine.
• Manual sand blasting machines give an unhealthy environment because the use of sand can cause a number of air-borne diseases like silicosis in lungs etc.
• In order to prevent choking the process of sand blasting has to be carried out in a well ventilated place.
• These machines should not be used with naked skin as particles like glass powder or micro steel balls can be harmful for your exposed skin. These particles can easily penetrate into your skin as they are projected by the machine at a very high speed.
So, after going through this write-up it can be concluded easily that you will have to replace your manual sand blasting machines with automatic shot blasting machines, if you are the owner of a steel fabrication unit and want to avail their advantages. Mesblate can be right place for you to buy automatic shot blasting machine, if you have decided to replace your existing manual sand blasting devices.

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