Working principle of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The Function of roller shot blasting machine

We manufacture this Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is In order to help our customers solve the rust and oxidation problems of rusty iron plate, section steel, steel, steel pipe and various steel products. First The Roller Shot Blasting Machine is to Remove the rust layer, oxide scale, and welding slag on the surface of the metal workpiece. The surface of the metal workpiece is clean after being cleaned by the shot blasting machine, and the rust removal level reaches Sa2.5, showing the original luster of the metal.
Then it in order to Increase the surface roughness of the workpiece, which is beneficial to the subsequent spray adhesion.
Last it could make the workpiece Eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, strengthen the workpiece and to increase its service life. And now the dust removal efficiency of the roller shot blasting machine produced by Mesblate can reach 98%; it reduces the cost of equipment use. It uses special wear-resistant alloys to extend the service life of the machinery. It is also widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, machinery and other industries. Mesblate will also according to your workpiece size and customize the machine that suits you.

What’s the Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The roller type shot blasting machine has a good cleaning effect on steel plates, steel materials, profiles, steel pipes and cast steel, and is easy to operate. It only needs to load the workpiece on the machine, turn it on and start it, and in a short time period , The entire shot blasting system unloads the processed workpieces to complete the entire cleaning process and remove the rust on the surface of the workpieces.
This roller table shot blasting machine uses a shot blasting device to rotate at a high speed to hit steel shots on the workpiece, and remove the magazines on the surface of the workpiece. The roller table shot blasting machine can also be equipped with a pill machine feeding positioning device. In order to adapt to the rapid working rhythm of the assembly line and prevent the workpiece from deviating, it is fed onto the roller table at the end of the feeding station.

The Working Principle of the Roller Shot Blasting Machine

Function of the mesblate Roller Shot Blasting machine for continuous roller feeding high shotblast cleaning equipment, controlled by the electric adjustable speed in the process of cleaning roller conveyer to send steel structures or steel to a cleaning machine room body mass ejection area by its around the face of different coordinates azimuth powerful dense bullets hit and the friction, make its scale, rust layer and its dirt falls off quickly, steel surface was bright and clean surface with certain roughness, in cleaning up outdoor roller on both sides of the import and export unloading workpieces. The pellets and rust dust falling into the steel are purged by the purging device, and the pellet dust mixture is transported by the recovery spiral to the funnel of the chamber, and collected by the vertical and horizontal spiral conveyor in the lower part of the elevator, and then lifted to the separator on the upper part of the machine. The separated pure pellets fall into the separator hopper for the recycling of shot blasting. Dust is generated during the shot blasting and sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe. After the purification treatment, the net gas is discharged into the atmosphere and the granular dust is captured and collected.

Mesblate Solutions And Services

Our engineers in mesblate are able to work independently depending on to the requirements of design for clients of shot blasting machine, and send a customer confirmation to help customers to save costs.
During the production of the equipment, we photograph the production progress, and keep customers updated of the progress every step of the way.
The goods are shipped, we will send the original documents to the customer (such as packing list, bill, CO, Form E, Form A, Form F, Form M, B/L etc.).
We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
Our engineers can help you with the installation and debugging overseas if necessary, and offer free training to operators and maintenance workers for our clients.
Mesblat team have fully mature after-sales service system, our professional technician and CS team will help you address any issues about the product you may encounter. We provide 24-hour online consultation.
The technical parameters can be customized and designed according to clients' requirements, Mesblate could definitely develop a tailor-made blast machine design for you. For any further information, please feel free to contact us. Please rest assured that our skilled engineer team will offer you the most professional and cost-effective solutions and services.

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